Why Using a Postpartum Belly Wrap Matters?

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Postpartum Belly Wrap

There are so many secrets that are passed by mothers to their daughters. Like how to boost milk after childbirth, what to eat and what not to eat. How to handle colic. These tips were put to the test by generations; they work in most cases. One secret is to wrap a belly after a childbirth.

Thus women do not even give a question about belly wraps. In the old days, women would use various materials at hand to wrap the belly, in order to tighten the loose skin and recover faster. Nowadays, most would buy abdominal belt or bindersThey are made of synthetic materials and tighten around the belly with the help of Velcro. Modern belly wraps are quite comfortable to use.

Why Pregnancy Belly Bands?

Most women agree on the comfort that comes with wearing abdominal binders, in the post-pregnancy period. Some even describe it soothing like a hug. It immediately gives that tight feeling. It helps the body to return to the previous shape quickly.

In the postpartum period, belly skin loosens. However, it is not the only problem. Many women may have lower back discomfort. Others may complain about pelvic pain. Even a small and timely support may do wonders. Not to mention that abdominal binders have a substantial psychological role too.

Although belly wraps and abdominal binders are similar, they are not quite the same. The underlying working principle of both is identical, as both work by compressing the tummy. However, belly wrap is just a band worn around the belly. An abdominal binder, on the other hand, is a medical grade. It is well tested and approved as a non-invasive medical device. An abdominal binder is of high quality.

Tummy Girdle Wrap

Benefits of Abdominal Support Binders

Abdominal binders are used for a number of reasons. They are commonly used in the post-surgical period to accelerate healing. Due to better quality, they are also preferred postpartum.

Doctors warn that when recovering better use medical grade abdominal binders. Corsets or various belly wraps you see on Instagram, worn by celebrities, are not testing for the purpose. Corsets are tighter than abdominal wraps and may even harm in the postpartum period.

So how does postpartum abdominal binder or medical grade belly wrap help?

Basically, it helps support the abdomen weakened by a child’s birth. After giving birth, abdominal muscles are stretched. Organs still need time to come back to their regular place. Lower spine and pelvis go through tremendous stress during the childbirth.

Abdominal binders are essentially supporting devices. They help stabilize things. They can also accelerate healing. They may help prevent some postpartum issues.

Most physiotherapists agree that binders enhance recovery. They help improve walk performance, overcome pain and distress. They are good at re-building the confidence.

These abdominal binders can play their small role even in preventing postpartum depression, as they make you feel better.


Childbirth is a normal physiological phenomenon. Pregnancy causes many changes in the abdomen and pelvic floor. In the postpartum period, most women need some time to recover. Time is needed for organs to come back to their prior position abdominal binders can be useful in such cases.




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