Trochanteric Belts - Use of Supportive Braces for SI Joint Pain

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Trochanteric Belts for SI Joint Pain

Are you struggling with the painful SI joint issues? Are you continuously trying hard to recover? Do your therapies and/or exercises not work? Well, you have landed at the right article at the right time. If you are diagnosed to have an SI joint dysfunction, ask your physician or physical therapist about the advantages of using a trochanteric belt. Let’s see how a trochanteric belt will help you with your SI joint pain here. Continue reading…

What is a Trochanteric Belt?

A trochanteric belt is a brace that will not only offer you support but will also help alleviate your pain, reduce the inflammation, and regain the function. These supportive braces are carrying a simple, but effective construction to effectively stabilize the pelvis and prevent heavy movement of the sacroiliac joint (SI joint). The trochanteric belt is also known as trochanter belt and sacroiliac belt. All these terms can be used interchangeably as they are one and the same.[1]

The Significance of Sacroiliac Joints:

sacroiliac beltThe sacroiliac joints that are present on both sides of the spine connect your spine to the pelvis. Without these joints, one would not be able to stand/walk. The significance of the SI joint is that it helps stabilize the pelvis and act as a shock absorber between weight-bearing movements of your lower body and the spine.
Although the degree of motion of the SI joint is very limited, SI joints have to move for the pelvis to tilt and rotate. Rigid ligaments surrounding these joints help keep it in proper alignment and avert excessive motion while walking, running, and standing.[2]

What Causes the Problem in an SI Joint?

Even though the ligaments surrounding the SI joint will help keep the joint’s movement in check, they would stretch enough for the joint to be able to perform its complex movements like rotating, sliding, and tilting during your weight-bearing actions. When these ligaments fail to offer enough support, the SI joints and pelvis may destabilize. Some of the conditions that can put undue stress on the SI joints and lead to destabilization are:[3]

  • Arthritis
  • Unequal legs
  • Tilted sacrum
  • Pregnancy

In a majority of cases, people with an SI joint dysfunction will have a tough time remaining in one position for a long duration of time. In general, they would feel pain at the bottom of the spine, which is frequently described as stabbing and gripping. They would also find it difficult to walk and climb. The pain will usually aggravate when they lay on one side.

Why Trochanteric Belts for Sacroiliac Joint

The SI joint belts are designed in such a way to restrict movement of the SI joints, which, in-turn will decrease the painful symptoms associated with the SI joint dysfunction. We have gathered some of the best trochanteric belts here. Have a look at them:

Sacroiliac Hip Brace:

A Sacroiliac Hip Brace is designed to alleviate the symptoms of SI joint pain by providing an extraordinary support to the hip region. It will also help tackle the SI joint dysfunction. It acts by creating the right kind of compression around the hip region by holding your hips together. Thus, it will instantly stabilize your hip, sacrum, lumbar, and pelvic regions. If you are struggling with pain in your lower back, lumbar, or sciatica regions, this is the ideal one to try.

SI Joint and Pelvic Support:

An SI Joint and Pelvic Support Hip Brace is a hip brace that is specifically geared towards your hip area. By stabilizing your hip region, it will help get a quick relief from the SI joint pain. This support belt will help reduce pain and inflammation and will help regain mobility. In addition, it will also help keep the SI joint from producing excessive motion. Overall, using an SI Joint Pain and Pelvic Support Hip Brace will reduce pain and increase strength.

Groin, Hamstring, and Hip Compression Wrap Brace:

A Groin, Hamstring, and Hip Compression Wrap Brace is specifically designed to give enough support, as well as relief from the following issues:

  • Groin strains
  • Pulled hamstrings
  • Quad injuries
  • Any kind of aches, pains, pulls, and muscle stiffness

It works by increasing circulation and retaining therapeutic heat to enhance movement and decrease pain. If you are an athlete or someone who is struggling with groin, hamstring, and quad pulls, this is the product for you.

If you are currently struggling with an SI joint dysfunction, consult with your physician today about using a trochanteric belt. Your healthcare provider will usually educate about how to use the SI joint belt properly. Although individual needs would vary from person to person, most practitioners would recommend a ten-day regimen of wearing it all the day, followed by six to eight weeks of wearing it only during the weight-bearing hours.







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