The Ultimate Relief in Hernia Pain & Discomfort is Here!

The Ultimate Relief in Hernia Pain & Discomfort is Here!

Finding inguinal, groin or femoral hernia support and pain-relief that’s comfortable and highly effective can be difficult, and sometimes down right frustrating. 


That’s why we had our engineers design the Everyday Medical® Inguinal Hernia Belt with comfort, discretion and lifestyle management in mind. 

We want you to get the support you need. So you can safely cope with any pain or discomfort you feel, while also wearing something that doesn’t attract a lot of attention. Whether your pre-op or post-op, this hernia truss will help you successfully navigate the pain mitigation and treatment process. 

Everyday Medical® Hernia Belt was ergonomically designed to contour around the waist of the male body, including all shapes and sizes. The strong elastic truss, comfortably sits low on the waist line. This allows it to be discretely worn underneath a pair of shorts, pants or jeans. 

The material is made from a soft, breathable fabric that’s ergonomically sound and fully adjustable. It has an advanced medical grade closure mechanism, that guarantees it will stay in-place. It won’t slide up or down, or move around as you go about your day. 

When it comes to Pain-Relief, this is where the Everyday Medical® Hernia Belt shines. It comes with a 2 Inch extra thick compression pad. This pad can be placed over the injured area, creating direct and gentle pressure, resulting in effective relief. 

The additional thickness of the pad, allows you to isolate and target the area that’s causing you the most amount of discomfort or pain. This allows you to tenderly apply constant pressure on the affected area, aiding recovery and relieving you of unwanted discomfort or pain.

The pad conveniently fits on either the right or left side of the groin area. This versatility allows for multiple usage. 

Everyday Medical® Inguinal Hernia Belt offers maximum support, totally flexibility and absolute reliability. Whether you’re planning on surgery or if you’re in post-op recovery, you can trust Everyday Medical® to give you the pain relief you want.

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