The Ultimate Breathable & Discreet Hernia Pain-Relief Belt

The Ultimate Breathable & Discreet Hernia Pain-Relief Belt

If you’re looking to accelerate the healing process and alleviate pain from an Abdominal Hernia, while also staying as active as possible. Then you’ve found exactly what you’re looking for in the Everyday Medical® Abdominal Hernia Binder.

This innovative Hernia Belt was specifically designed to help you heal faster and feel better, all while being as active as you want. This is possible because the Everyday Medical® Umbilical Hernia Belt provides targeted compression to your abdominal region.

It’s designed with wrap-around, specialized elastic ribbing that incorporates targeted spacing between each individual ribbing. This unique elastic ribbing structure is ergonomically designed to give you maximum compression, while simultaneously conforming to your exact abdominal body structure. 

The longer you wear it and the more active you are, the better it fits! 

Over time, it will contour around your individual body. Helping you mitigate any pain you might be experiencing, while also expediting the healing process. 

This form-fitting design also means you can comfortably wear the Everyday Medical® Abdominal Hernia Binder underneath any work or workout clothing. It’s ultra-thin construction means you can discreetly wear it anywhere you want. Nobody will even know you’re wearing it!

The entire Everyday Medical® Abdominal Hernia Binder is latex free and made with high-quality elastic and ultra-soft cotton. This fabric combination guarantees your skin will be able to “breath.”

The Everyday Medical® Abdominal Hernia Binder breathable fabric combination wicks-away moisture and sweat. Leaving your skin clean and dry, every time you wear the Everyday Medical® Hernia Belt

This means you can wear this abdominal hernia belt in the cold of winter or during heat of summer. No matter what season it is, your skin will stay cool and dry underneath your Everyday Medical® Hernia Belt.

This is especially important during any workouts you might do. You can train indoors or outside. Either way, sweat will be wicked-away and you’ll avoid any annoying itching, skin rashes or unwanted odors.

If you’re experiencing any abdominal post-op pain or simply trying to tamp-down any hernia pain or discomfort. Click the Link Below and pick-up a Brand New Everyday Medical® Hernia Belt and heal faster, feel better and stay as active as you want!


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