The Best Tennis Elbow Rehab Exercises

Tennis Elbow

Exercises for Tennis Elbow

In today's world, most of the people are confronting the tennis elbow problem, which is otherwise known as epicondylitis. However, these issues arise when a person gets more stress and strain on the tendons, which are attached with the forearm and elbow. Often, people try to treat this ailment in the home with various medications and methods, but, sometimes, the home remedies might not give the desired result.  

But, during the initial phases, you can opt for the homemade treatment. Amidst these scenarios, tennis elbow is considered as a self-limiting condition, which can be prevented easily during the starting phase. On the side of the fence, tennis elbow is mostly caused due to the inflammation of your muscles of the forearm, which are further connected with the elbow.

However, due to certain repetitive activities and sports injury, the pain becomes severe in the hands and wrist and leads to weakness and stiffness on the elbow. Tennis elbow is the most deadly disease one could have ever realized in their life. Due to lack of proper care and treatment, the pain increases and affects the wrists and hands of the human body, which later reach to the elbow as well.[1]

Sufferers feel agony while making a grip and holding any objects. Often, the doctor advises the victims to take ample amount of rest and a day off from the boisterous lifestyles and schedules. In this fast-paced era, tennis elbow is a common syndrome, which cannot be diagnosed simply by improving the sleeping time. Isn't it? Then, what are the treatment procedures?

No doubt, sometimes minor treatments can help the individual to eliminate the pain from the body permanently, but, when it comes to serious consequences, then you have to deal with the matter smartly. You cannot simply depend on the treatment procedures. Rather, find out the exact reason why tennis elbow pain is expanding in the body. Learn about some symptoms and causes related to the tennis elbow pain before delving deep into the treatment methods.  

Causes of Tennis Elbow

  • Sport activities.
  • Cooking.
  • Cutting vegetables.
  • Knitting.
  • Cleaning.
  • Painting.
  • Raking.
  • Keyboard typing.
  • Carpentry.
  • Fencing.

Tennis Elbow Pain

Symptoms of Tennis Elbow

  • Pain in the fist while making a grip to hold the object.
  • Soreness on the elbow.
  • Swelling.
  • Shaking of hands.
  • Pain while lifting weights.
  • Tingling sensation in the hands and wrist while waking up early morning.
  • Feeling weakness.
  • Redness on the elbow.
  • Muscle contraction.

Despite going with the name, you need to understand the signs mentioned above, which defines that not only are athletes in danger; rather any individual can get this symptom which is more attached with heavy tasks and activities. So, are you tensed how to resolve the tennis elbow pain? Before jumping into the exercises, have a glance at some prevention tips or tennis elbow treatment.

Tips for the Prevention of Tennis Elbow

It is true that exercises will help you a lot to eliminate the numbness and tennis elbow pain from the body, but, before you practice them regularly, learn some tips here.

  • If you have a severe ache on the hands and wrist, then practice simple exercises and yoga initially, which will not enhance the pain level.
  • Moreover, try to stick with the exercises and avoid making more bends and twist.
  • You can also perform stretching, but, that only depends on the level of your pain.
  • Before you start to perform any activity, always consider the warm-up session.
  • Repeat some of the activities at a low pace.
  • Don't put much stress and strain on the affected areas.
  • Avoid straightening your arms.
  • Take rest whenever you feel dull and fragile.
  • Repeat the actions again and again.

Often, you might have observed that people will advise you to reduce the repetitive activities from the regular schedules. Resting is not always possible in this competitive era. So, you can better opt for arm movements, which can easily ease the symptoms. Moreover, in this case, you need to consider some prevention tips.[2]

  • Make your elbow straight.
  • Keep the palms flat.
  • Don't involve the activities, which are giving you more pain.
  • Don't attempt to perform heavy exercises.
  • Understand all the underlying conditions before you start the exercises.
  • Use ice packs whenever it is necessary.
  • Give proper rest to your arms.
  • Apply heat therapy on the inflammation.
  • Speak to a doctor immediately when you find the condition of your elbow is getting serious.
  • Consult the therapist.
  • Take medicines after consulting any expert.
  • Do ultrasound.
  • Use compression and tennis elbow brace.
  • Steroid injection is also preferred.
  • NSAIDs are reliable too.

Types of Exercises that can Reduce Signs of Tennis Elbow

Tennis Elbow Exercise

Fist Clench

In today's date, tennis elbow is a familiar symptom, which further leads to poor grip and weakness in the hands. Thus, it becomes necessary to build up muscles in the forearm, which will facilitate better flexibility and smoothness in the hands and wrists. To increase the ability for performing daily activities effortlessly, you need to perform the fist clench exercise every day.

Sit on a chair along with your forearm resting on the table. Hold a rolled towel or small ball in hand. Squeeze the towel or press the ball repeatedly for ten seconds. Release your hand, and repeat the process.

Wrist Extension

In human beings, wrist extensors are present, which are generally categorized as a group of muscles responsible for bending your wrist. Mainly, wrist extensors are used for hand gestures for the stop. So, the overuse of these muscles will lead to pain and soreness in the elbow, which will automatically affect the other parts of the body as well. To minimize the pain completely from the elbow, wrist extension exercise is a must.

You need to sit on a chair with a two-pound dumbbell in hand. Place your palm over the knee and face it towards the ground. Hold the dumbbell on the one hand, and extend the affected wrist by curling it towards the body. Though, this process will be quite challenging for you, there are several benefits attached to this exercise. Return to the initial position and again repeat the process ten times. Rest the arm for some time.

Wrist Turn Game

This method will help you in realizing the pain and tension from the forearm muscles, and moreover, will give you enough peace throughout the time. Moreover, it is a convenient exercise, which you can do at anytime and anywhere in the world. There are no such hard and fast rules linked with this.

Sit comfortably, and try to bend your left elbow at an angle of 90 degrees. Turn your palm towards the upwards direction, and make it straight. Slowly, change the side and turn the wrist towards the right side. This time, your palm should face the ground. Hold the position for five to ten seconds, and then release. Continue the same exercise for your right wrist as well. Always ensure that you shouldn't practice this for more than ten minutes.

Wrist Flex

Wrist Flex Exercise for Tennis Elbow

Do you have an achy elbow? Have you ever practiced wrist flex exercise? If not, start doing it today. To strengthen the muscles, as well as to increase the healing power, wrist flex exercise is the best option today. You will achieve enough relaxation without much stress and tension. Wrist flex technique is quite beneficial as your forearm, and elbow tendons will get become smooth and bendable again.

Stand in a straight manner, and stretch your right arm exactly in front of you. Your palm should face the ground. With the help of your right-hand fingers, slowly press the left-hand fingers in the downward direction. You need to hold the position for 5 to 10 seconds, and then release immediately. Repeat the same process with the left hand as well. This exercise is regarded as the best tennis elbow rehab.

Towel Twist

If you are suffering from the tennis elbow symptoms, then towel twist exercise is the best form to gain strength and energy back into the wrist flexors and wrist extensors. Before you do this exercise, you need to correct your sitting position and learn the safety measures. Though, this process is not at all risky, but, too much of twisting any lead to bad consequences without an expert's presence.

Sit on your chair, and hold a towel properly. Make a perfect grip with both of your hands. Always ensure that your shoulders are in a relaxing position. Twist the towel with the help of your hands in the opposite direction. Continue this twisting for three to five seconds. Always avoid wringing your towel too strong.



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