Postpartum Weight Loss - When will my Belly be Normal Again?

Postpartum Weight Loss - When will my Belly be Normal Again?

Postpartum Weight Loss

We all know that an average newborn will weigh  around 7.5 pounds. But, what about the mother? What will her weight be when she walks out of the labor room? And, what’s the timeline for her to get back to the pre-pregnancy body? While it’s true that the actual timeline for postpartum weight loss will differ from person to person and is based on multiple factors, there are a few weight loss milestones the newly delivered mothers can mark on their calendars. This is irrespective of how much weight they gained during pregnancy, whether or not they are breastfeeding, their diet and exercise routines.

Postpartum Weight Loss


Let’s look at these milestones in detail here:

A Day After Childbirth:

The skin that surrounds the stomach has been stretching out, so as to shelter the growing uterus over the past 9 months of gestation. After the childbirth, the uterus will start shrinking down to the level of your belly button, which is why women tend to shed nearly 12 pounds immediately after the delivery. So, those who are wondering how to lose weight after delivery don’t worry. You are already starting to shed pounds!

After a Week:

A week after childbirth, you will still be sending out a lot of fluids through your stools, especially if you have had an IV or epidural. This means that you are still shedding pounds. In this stage, one must not forget that breastfeeding also plays a significant role in your weight loss. While you will be asked to take an extra 500 calories per day if you are nursing, you will always end up losing more weight. The reason is simple! Breastfeeding will take up your calories. However, this may not apply to everyone. Some women will shed pounds quicker than others.

After Two Weeks:

Experts think that you shouldn’t weigh yourselves during the first 2 weeks after childbirth. It’s because you will still be establishing breastfeeding and the hormones might have just started to go down. The pounds that appear on the scale would not reflect your body fat, so avoid checking it!

After a Month:

It may be hard to believe, but it’s true that moms will shed almost 20 pounds in the first month after delivery. As most women would have gained 25 to 35 pounds during pregnancy, they would get back to their pre-pregnancy weight in a month after childbirth.

After Six Weeks:

By this time, the uterus would have returned to the pelvis to its original size. This means that your stomach will look flat and small.

After a Few Months:

According to health experts, if you are keeping up healthy eating habits during your whole pregnancy period, you will get back close to your regular weight within this timeline. Getting some physical exercises and using a good quality postpartum belly band will help you get fit faster. But, this may not be true for all the women. In some women, the skin will lose its ability to go back to its pre-pregnancy elasticity.

It’s advisable that these women must use a high-quality postpartum belly band that will help increase circulation in a natural way and help increase metabolism. A belly band will definitely be a good gift for women after childbirth as it will slim the belly, as well as slim the waist quicker by offering the much-needed tummy support. These bands will also help reduce post pregnancy swelling and bloating, which are the hardest parts after giving childbirth for a woman.

After Nine Months:

As mentioned earlier, each and every woman has their own pace when it comes to losing weight after childbirth. So, a nine-month timeline is not what you have to hang in on. The bottom line is that you must keep track of how much and what kinds of foods you must eat so that weight loss will be quicker. The major foods will include:

  • Whole grains
  • Lean proteins
  • Water
  • Fruits
  • Veggies

As long as you are taking enough calories from these foods, you are going to achieve it! And, do not forget to exercise. When it comes to starting your exercises after the childbirth, we would recommend getting yourself evaluated by a physiotherapist to ensure your core muscles are functioning normally.


In general, mothers who have gained 30 pounds or less during pregnancy and are breastfeeding will slim down quite quickly. However, the actual timeline and level of this transition will solely depend upon your body size, amount of weight you gained during gestation, how physically active you are, and your gene setup.





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