Postpartum Girdle - Is it too late to Start Wearing a Postpartum Belt?

Postpartum Belt

Several women have this question in their minds. When is too late to start wearing a postpartum belt after delivery?

Well, first, you need to understand that it will never be to late too late to start wearing a postpartum belt. In contrast, it can be said as the right time to start wearing a postpartum belt.

Now, when is the best time to start wearing a postpartum belt?

Let’s try to find the answers for this here:

abdominal wrapping

At first, know what is abdominal wrapping…

The tradition of abdominal wrapping or tying the stomach has been followed for centuries by the people belonging to various cultures and ethnicities. It’s believed that abdominal wrapping will help tighten the muscles, decrease swelling, and even offer support to your back.

During pregnancy, your abdominal walls will stretch out to accommodate the growing baby. A considerable amount of fat also would accumulate in this region. Such over-stretched muscles won’t get contracted as soon as the baby is delivered; thereby leaving unwanted fat and flabby skin around your abdomen.

As mentioned above, wrapping the abdomen using a postpartum belt is thought to help tighten these muscles and strengthen them.

So, what is a postpartum belt?

To put it simply, a post-pregnancy belt or a postpartum is a wrap that is used to tie your stomach, thus providing support to your organs and muscles in your abdominal region. It is a special compression garment that can be worn around the midsection. These specially-made garments will help tighten up your loose muscles and push your organs back to position after your delivery.

Who needs to start wearing a postpartum belt?

The answer to this is quite simple: Any woman who gives birth to a child, be it a vaginal delivery or a C-section delivery, can start wearing this postpartum belt. You might have heard a lot about postpartum anxiety. It’s imperative that you find more effective methods to support your recovery back into the prenatal state and fight postpartum anxiety.

One of the possible reasons for postpartum anxiety is the feeling of self-consciousness about how you look in clothes ever since you have given birth to a child. Another reason could be the back pain you suffer after the birth of your child.

C-section delivery

After thorough research on how to curb this problem after delivery in women, we could find that abdominal binding or stomach wrapping will be helpful. While some people use a cloth to do this, wearing postpartum belts is the easiest way to handle the troubles after childbirth while also being able to save yourself from postpartum anxiety (if it’s because of your looks).

Now, “Is it too late to start wearing a postpartum belt?”

After delivery, your belly would get much better over time. But, in the meantime, you can start wearing a postpartum belt to help recover quickly. And, it’s never too late to start wearing a postpartum belt after delivery.

Have you given birth recently and haven’t started wearing a postpartum belt yet?

No worries! Go ahead and start wearing one from today.

While it can be never too late to start using a postpartum belt, there are some better times to start using one.

What is the best time to start wearing a postpartum belt?

During pregnancy, a woman’s uterus will become bigger and the abdomen will get loose. And, your stomach will protrude and abdominal muscles will get flabby if it’s a natural childbirth.

According to the doctors, women who are giving a natural birth should start wearing a postpartum belt during the first week of delivery for effective results. It’s even better if you start using it on the 3rd day after your natural delivery. Normally, doctors ask us to wait for at least a day after childbirth before beginning to wear a postpartum belt. Therefore, we suggest you consult your doctor about the right or the best time to start wearing the belt because of the fact that he or  she is the one who is well aware of your health condition.

However, you must note that you should not wear the postpartum belt all day long. You should untie it when lying or sitting. Wearing a postpartum belt all day long will affect your blood circulation, restrict the activities of your lumbar muscles and abdominal back, and even slow down the recovery process.

If you need to go back to strenuous activities or to work early, you can wear this postpartum belt for a short time. In any case, you should let the abdomen and waist to relax for sometime after wearing it for a couple of hours.

So, how long should you wear the postpartum belt after the natural childbirth?

It’s advisable to wear the postpartum belt for as long as 6 months after natural delivery. So, it’s never too late to start wearing a postpartum belt.

postpartum belt  for c-section

What if you had a C-section delivery?

If you have had a C-section delivery, you are advised to wait until your wound is healed sufficiently before you start wrapping your stomach. This would mean at least 6 to 8 weeks for some people. According to some doctors, new mothers can start wearing a postpartum belt as soon as when they are up from the bed. In fact, some people say that newly delivered mothers should not get out of the bed without a postpartum belt placed around their abdomen. This is to avoid tearing at the wound and to immobilize the abdomen. Moreover, the use of a postpartum belt after a C-section will help alleviate pain to a certain extent and feel relieved.

However, here again, we suggest you consult your doctor to get to know the best time to start wearing the postpartum belt as she will be the best person to guide you.


Now, we know that it’s never too late to start wearing a postpartum belt. But, do you know choosing the right postpartum belt is a crucial decision you will ever make? Yes, you need to invest in a good quality postpartum belt that fits you properly in order to give proper support to your abdomen.  Here is our recommendations on postpartum binders. Click here!








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