Lower Back Pain Treatment Options and Tips for Relief

Lower Back Pain Treatment Options and Tips for Relief

Lower Back Pain Problems

In this competitive era, most of the people are confronting severe lower back pain, which becomes worse with the pace of time as well as a rise in work pressure. Moreover, tolerating the back pain issues seems like a nightmare to most of the people, which have many solid reasons behind its occurrence.

Almost every day, people are experiencing severe strain and pain on the lower back position, which generally starts from the downward area of the ribcage. The lumbar region is more prone to the pain, which gradually intensifies when the pressure level increases, or due to other critical impacts.  

Amidst these scenarios, only 1% of the lower back pain issue is ominous and often least treatable. The rest of the reasons for the severe pain problems are manageable and can be easily cured when you will take proper care and precautions. Moreover, the lower back pain mostly comes in the dull form, which usually develops in the body and stays for a prolonged period. The sharp and persistent back pain bothers a person at some point in time. However, the pain can also travel to other parts of the body like buttocks as well as to the lower extremities.

Ignoring back pain issues is not at all considered as a wise decision because it may lead to bad consequences in the future. If you are dealing with it alone, and don't know whom to consult and what step to adapt to reduce the pain, have a look at this article. Before delving to treatment sections, have a look at the causes, and symptoms of lower back pain.

Nothing is impossible if you have strong determination and faith in yourself. Though, the stabbing pain will cause major imbalances in life, but, it can be decreased with proper treatment and care.

What Causes Lower Back Pain?

Extreme Lower Back Pain

There are various reasons behind the lower back pain problems, which can easily make a person crazy and irritated up to a certain extent. The sore pain and numbness often create major problems for an individual while performing some activities, walking, or lifting an item. Not only women, but men are also included in this race. They too face unnecessary agony and twinge in the lower back area, which becomes critical during office hours.

  • Poor fracture.
  • Sports injury.
  • Stressful workloads.
  • Twisting of spine.
  • Overweight.
  • Vertebral fractures.
  • Spinal tumors.
  • Spinal stenosis.
  • Bulging.
  • Osteomyelitis.
  • Cancer.
  • Infection.
  • Wrong way of lifting things.
  • Unnatural bending.
  • Irrelevant beds and pillow.

These are the most common causes, which people ignore the most in their daily life. Due to their ignorance, the pain becomes more pathetic and moves out of your control.

Lower Back Pain

What are the Symptoms of Lower Back Pain?

While stepping out of bed, many times, people have complained about the lower back pain issues. If you are struggling hard with  back pain problems, then immediately learn the reason and symptoms why you have an achy back. Don't get confused with the lower back pain right side and lower back pain left side. Both are separate things and have different impacts on your body.[1]

  • Dull and aching pain.
  • Pain that gradually travels to the feet, legs, and buttocks.
  • Pain that comes back while changing position.
  • Pain that becomes worse after sitting in a constant position for a prolonged period.
  • Pain occurs in the back while coughing and sneezing.
  • Pain arises while lifting heavy items.

The signs of lower back pain issues are easy to locate, but, you should consult doctors or experts before applying any treatment by yourself.

Treatment Tips for Lower Back Pain Problems

Though, there are various treatment processes available in the markets today, every time, you need to choose the best as per your requirements and tolerance level.

Lower Back Pain Relief

Home remedies

Above all, home remedies are the best option to go with, which never result in side effects or negative impacts on the body. Are you wondering what sort of things is coming under this section? Have a glance at the following points.

  • Ice and heat packs:
  • If you are feeling a new pain and strain in the lower position of the back, then ice packs and hot water bags can be a useful option for you. Both of this stuffing will help in giving you instant pain relief. Moreover, ice and hot water treatment are natural processes without any addition of chemical substances. You can use these techniques on an everyday basis too.

  • Wear supportive shoes:
  • Apart from the other factors, some of the back pain issues start from ground level. Women and men, who are walking with improper shoes or sandals often, confront major issues in the lower back area. Thus, it is recommended to wear supportive shoes, which will promote better blood circulation in the body without any jam and stress. Sneakers, foam Cruz, and ultra-comfortable shoes are nowadays mostly preferred by the sufferers.

  • Use  a thin and new mattress:
  • How old is your mattress? Have you ever replaced it with a new and comfortable mattress? If no, then it's  time to do it. You might be aware of this fact that mattresses are also responsible for your back pain problems and poor health condition, as you spend 3/4th of your time in the beds. Instead of using the luxurious mattress in the home, go for some simple option, which can give better support to the back position during the night time.

  • Stretches and exercises:
  • Physical Therapy
  • No doubt, exercises, and stretching are the best choices to reduce harsh back pain issues from the body. Yoga has its charm and benefits, which are of course known to many people, but, hardly people consider them in reality. Starting from a simple standing position to downward dog face, every yoga asana is crucial and effective for your body. You can practice them regularly to erase the pain from the body permanently. Though, you will realize the impact lately, but, it is sure to come.

    Alternatives for Back Pain Treatment

    Apart from the yoga and home remedies, there are certain other techniques for resolving back pain complications like meditation, positive thinking, and medical treatment. If you observe that back pain hasn't yet solved even after four to five weeks, then you can consult a doctor for a better suggestion.

    While taking treatments from the experts, you always need to stay positive and think wisely. Don't panic, and try to remember good things. Positive thinking and attitude are quite helpful for reducing harsh pains from the body, and maintain the stability of your brain without making you frustrated and arrogant.

    Meanwhile, meditation somehow helps the individual who is having an achy back. Practicing meditation every day, help the sufferers to stay cool, calm and positive during the critical periods. Meditation is always necessary for a person not only to decrease the internal pain and soreness, rather connect the soul to the almighty.

    Due to the advent of the internet, medical science is evolving rapidly, and facing major changes in equipment management, therapies, treatment procedures, and much more. Thus, instead of wasting much time on the yoga and meditation, people are running after the hospitals and loving the way doctors treat them, which immediately releases their pain. Some of the common methods are physical therapies, drugs or medicines, massage, or in the worst case, operation.[2]

    Physical Therapy

    In today's date, manual therapy is trending, where the therapists perform a group of treatments. Moreover, the therapist takes the honor to move their hands over your body, and give you peaceful massages in the joint, muscles, bones and spine areas. They usually carry advanced tools and equipment, with the help of which, they can analyze how much relaxation a person is getting from each session. Furthermore, manual therapy is the best option to decrease the pain from the body, and also give enough satisfaction to the mind.

    Psychological Support

    Apart from everything, psychological treatment is the best way to control a person's mind and mental abilities. Most of the time, people become restless due to the growing pain. In such a situation, psychological treatment is necessary to handle the mental condition of a person, and somehow also give relaxation to the painful areas in the body.


    At the end of the day, if anything doesn't fall in your favor, then surgery or operation is the last option. Moreover, it is usually recommended in certain situations like a slipped disc, sciatica, and cancer. Unless the pain is intense and affects the mental strength of a person, surgery is never recommended. Through various technique and process, the doctor handles the back pain issues, which finally leads to peaceful nights.

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