How to Wear a Support Belt for an Umbilical Hernia?

Umbilical Hernia Belt

Umbilical Hernia Belts

So you saw a bulge in your tummy recently, went to a doctor, and got diagnosed with a hernia? You need to stop worrying. Yes, it is not good news, but a hernia is easily repaired these days. Surgery is the only way to fix it. However, it is not an urgent reason to go for surgery.

There are many reasons for a person to avoid surgery. It could  simply be the fear of surgical procedures, busy lifestyle, or other essential tasks in hand. Other reasons could be medical like severe diabetes, or coagulopathies. Surgery may not be the right option for elderlies.

Whatever be the cause for refusing from surgery, you need not to worry. Second and safe option of taking care of a hernia is wearing a hernia belt on a daily basis.

You can only use if a hernia is reducible. By reducible we mean that you are able to push the bulge with the pressure of the hand, and part of an organ located in hernia sack goes back into the abdominal cavity. In many cases, a person may be able to remain wearing a hernia belt for years without any problem or compromises.

When and How Long Should You Wear a Hernia Belt?

In the majority of cases, a hernia belt is worn only during the day. There is no need to wear it while sleeping. When you are sleeping, and if your pose is right, the hernia will not budge much. While sleeping, abdominal pressure is naturally low.

But during the days you should be wearing the belt all the time. If you do not wear it frequently, the hernia will keep increasing in size, and you will have to go for surgery.

In some instances, the doctor may recommend wearing those belts even at night. The most common reason is a nighttime cough. Coughing causes a sudden rise in abdominal pressure, bulging of a hernia.

Can I Stay Away From Surgery Forever?

In most cases, no. But in some cases, yes. Experience shows that belt will provide support, confidence, and significantly slow down the progress of a hernia. However, the belt cannot work forever, especially if a patient is young and physically active.

In most cases, a hernia will still keep increasing in size, though at a much slower pace. Time will come when you will feel an increase in the level of discomfort. Nonetheless, good hernia belts can keep you away from surgery for years in most cases, and isn’t it good news?

Everyday Medical Hernia Belt

How to Wear a Hernia Belt?

So you got your first hernia belt and wondering whats next? There is no need to worry, wearing a hernia belt is as simple as it could be. Nonetheless, knowing a few things would help avoid problems.

  • Start by reducing the hernia- remember that wearing the belt over an unreduced hernia can be dangerous. So use your hands to apply pressure. If a hernia is large, reducing it may require some practice. It is not a bad idea to consult a doctor and learn how to reduce a hernia.
  • Clean the area- that is logical, but still many people start to neglect hygiene. It means that your tummy should be clean. You can use surgical spirit to clean, but avoid spilling it over the belt. Using talk is a good idea, especially in warm weather conditions.
  • Now you are ready to wrap the belt around your belly. Once done with wrapping, you can push the pad that came with truss over a hernia. Doing this way is more natural. Although you can go another way around, that is put the pad at the place and then wrap the belt around your abdomen.

Keep wearing hernia belt for the whole day. Getting used to it may take time, but not much. After a few days you will start forgetting that you are wearing anything below your clothes. Apart from helping with a hernia, these belts will help you look good. In most cases, discomfort will be gone within minutes of wearing hernia belt.[1]

Can Anything Go Wrong With Hernia Belt?

It is a very safe thing. Problems with hernia belt are rare. Nonetheless, nothing is a hundred percent safe. There may be a situation when you may need to discontinue using a hernia belt.

  • Discomfort keeps growing- in the majority of cases discomfort would vanish immediately after wearing hernia belt. Nonetheless, the situation may change in the future. A person may feel an increase in discomfort level even when wearing a hernia belt most of the time. It could mean that hernia has grown despite all the efforts. It is a sign that you start thinking about surgical correction.[2]
  • A hernia increases in size- you may feel well, but if the belt fails to control the progress, you will still need to go for a surgery. Usually, the belt can delay surgery for years in young people, but not indefinitely.
  • Severe pain at the site- If it happens, it is a reason for concern. It may indicate strangulation. It means that part of the organ has got stuck in a hernia sack. Generally, the pain would start suddenly, and along with other symptoms like nausea, vomiting, fever. It happens due to lack of blood supply to strangulated part of the organ.

In conclusion, the hernia belt is a simple and low-tech solution to a complicated problem. It works for most; it helps immediately, it can be used for years to come. So if you feel a bulge in your belly, in an area around the belly button, order your hernia belt now.






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