How to Choose a Postpartum Belly Band Along with its Kinds and Precautions?

How to Choose a Postpartum Belly Band Along with its Kinds and Precautions?

Choosing a Postpartum Belly Band

Wondering about whether or not to wear a postpartum belly band after delivery to get your pre-pregnancy body back? Well, there are several important things to consider when it comes to postpartum belly wrapping. Although there is some kind of hype with regards to a postpartum belly band, there are some real benefits as well. Read this article to understand how to choose a postpartum belly band along with its kinds and precautions.[1]

postpartum belly wrapping

A Quick Look at the History of Abdominal Wrapping after Delivery:

Abdominal wrapping has been used in several cultures for thousands of years. As such, wrapping with cloth immediately after delivering a baby is believed to decrease swelling, tighten the overstretched muscles, and provide the support to help with aches and pains. In the U.S., some hospitals follow the procedure of wrapping right after the childbirth.[2]

Fans of this procedure claim that postpartum belly binding is essential for shrink wrapping the belly, which will help ease the swelling of the mother’s uterus while supporting the back and legs. This is true because the first few days of postpartum the mom will feel like all the organs are moving inside her stomach. It’s because the loose skin will not be able to hold the organs inside the stomach tightly like the pre-pregnancy. In this situation, a postpartum belly band will help.

Postpartum Belly Wrap – Precautions:

There are several precautions to be taken when it comes to using postpartum belly bands. This is why it’s important for you to consult a doctor before buying one. Your doctor will be the best person to tell you which band to choose. In general, for choosing the right belly band, you must understand your body and its needs. And yes, of course, it also depends on your body type and the course of your gestation and delivery. So, it always recommended that you consult your doctor or physiotherapist before starting to wear a postpartum belly band.[3]

Note: You must tighten your postpartum tummy not just by using a postpartum belly band but also by doing the postpartum exercises regularly.

Postpartum Belly Band - How to Choose?

While choosing a postpartum belly band, you must consider your pre-pregnancy size of clothing. However, if you have gained over 26 pounds during your pregnancy period, add one or two sizes. If after one or two weeks of using a postpartum belly you experience too much tightness and discomfort, it means that you have chosen a wrong product.[4]

An ideal postpartum belly band is the one that is elastic, easy-to-absorb, and evaporate moisture. For recommendations, follow this link to find the perfect Postpartum belt.











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