Scary Musculoskeletal Injuries Your Overweight Child Could Get

Scary Musculoskeletal Injuries Your Overweight Child Could Get

Scary Musculoskeletal Injuries Your Overweight Child Could Get

The concerns of obesity are far underestimated as compared to other diseases. Have you ever thought about the damage of  being overweight and what it could do to your kid? The biggest highlight to note here is the impact on the musculoskeletal system of the child. Not only children, men and women of all ages and especially pregnant women could experience different troubles from obesity. So is there any answer to these troubles?

Obesity in Kids

Changes in lifestyle, as well as the use of abdominal binders, could be just the right answer to this question! However, it is important to know more about the impact of obesity on musculoskeletal form as well as the common disorders that can threaten lives. The following discussion would deal with these aspects alongside reflecting on the use as well as safety concerns related to abdominal binders.

More than meets the eye:

In the recent two decades, there has been a large scale increase in the number of people diagnosed with obesity throughout the world. Obesity has many detrimental impacts regarding health and social problems which develop primarily during childhood and can become complicated gradually throughout life. Some of the notable problems that arise due to obesity include cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, low self-esteem, pulmonary diseases, depression and obstructive sleep apnoea.

It doesn’t end here:

The effects of obesity are far stretching and could be identified in the form of hormonal imbalances, higher levels of stress and tension as well as vitamin deficiencies which lead to a formidable impact on bone growth and musculoskeletal health that leads to deformity and pain as well as chances of complete immobility in certain cases. Learning about the abdominal binder uses should be supported by adequate knowledge of how excess weight can damage the musculoskeletal system of your child!

What are you dealing with?

You must have wondered about the growing emphasis on exercising and healthy lifestyle choices from childhood. Now is the time to reflect on the importance of dealing with obesity right from childhood! Once you are aware of the dangers that childhood obesity poses to your musculoskeletal health, then it would be a matter of time before you straighten things out. Before reflecting on the common musculoskeletal diseases that can pose formidable dangers to your body, it is essential to reflect on the meaning of the musculoskeletal system and how it is influenced by obesity.

Our body’s support system:

The first thing to be focused on here is the structure of the musculoskeletal system of our body. It is a system made up of bones, joints, connective tissue, muscles, tendons, cartilage and ligaments which support the body and help in movement. The musculoskeletal system is the most vulnerable to injuries and health problems which can be aggravated by excessive weight. Therefore, it is observed that children with obesity are more likely to encounter orthopaedic problems.

plus size abdominal binder support

Too much is bad:

Now let us focus on how excessive weight could damage your child’s musculoskeletal apparatus! The growth of bones regarding size and strength is guaranteed with the progression in age and growth plates have a considerable role in controlling this growth.

These plates are nothing but areas of developing tissue near the extremes of long bones in children and adolescents. There are two growth plates for long bones which are considered responsible for the shaping of the bone in the future as the child nears full maturity. On the other hand, if the child is overweight, then the growth plates are highly vulnerable to damage thereby leading to dangerous consequences in the form of fractures, early onset arthritis and bone deformities along with other disorders. If you are looking for any such belt then our plus size abdominal binder will be the perfect for you.

Troubles that never end:

Here are some of the most threatening and common musculoskeletal disorders that affect overweight kids.   

  • Blount’s disease is observed when the shin bone or the tibia is affected by a growth disorder. In this disorder, the lower leg faces inward thereby leading to the appearance of a bowleg and is primarily attributed to excess weight imposed on the growth plate.
  • A flat foot is a disorder found when the arch in the middle of the foot is not prominent or is absent altogether. The arch is significant for stabilizing the feet, and since the feet serve as crucial support for the whole body, flat feet could lead to other complicated disorders.
  • Bone fractures are also commonly found in the case of overweight children because of the additional stress placed on bones. Inactivity also plays a considerable role in bone fractures because it leads to weakening of the bones and thus increases the probability of bone fractures.
  • The growth plate found at the top of the thigh bone is the physis which is made of cartilage completely. The physis serves as a link between the thigh bone and femoral head during the process of bone growth. Overweight children have the risk of the physis slipping through the femoral head of the thigh bone.

Abdominal Binders to the rescue!

Much has been said about the impacts of obesity on the musculoskeletal system of people, children and adults alike. Now it would be appropriate to know about the use of abdominal binder hernia belts and their functionalities in detail. An abdominal binder resembles a belt which is worn around the abdomen for compression.

Abdominal Binders

These belts are available with Velcro as well as hooks and loop closures in different variations of width and sizes. While abdominal binders have been found to be productive in dealing with concerns of a hernia as well as for secondary lumbar support, its extensive applications cam also support after different types of surgery

The prominent advantages of wearing these abdominal support belts are found in the reduction of post-surgery pain, promoting deep breathing as well as reduction of psychological distress after the surgery. The contributions of these binders following surgery are acclaimed for reducing pain, supporting the surgical incision as well as reduce swelling and help in movement. plus size abdominal binder is one of the best products for abdominal binder.

While there are these advantages of abdominal support binders for surgery and overweight children and adults, it is also essential to know about the risks that come along with them. After all, you do not want to be facing more troubles after finding the solution to the first one! The notable risks include complaints of discomfort during breathing, skin irritation due to the material used in binders and pain due to compression around the surgical site.

Therefore, always trust the doctor’s advice in such cases and remember to practice a healthy lifestyle for staying away from further trouble.






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