How Long Does it Take to Recover from Tennis Elbow?

tennis elbow pain

Tennis Elbow Pain

Are you a sports lover? How much time do you play a particular sport in a day? Well, if you are passionate about sports and play various games or matches every day, then you might know how painful and pathetic the tennis elbow syndrome is. Tennis elbow is one of the most painful conditions one could have ever been through in their life.

However, this tendency mostly occurs when your tendons are completely damaged in the elbow or overloaded with stress and strain, the repetitive motion often leads to arm and wrist pain. Despite its name, athletes are not  the only people who are becoming the victim of this deadly disease. Rather, any individual can confront the agony of tennis elbow, which is quite agonizing and hurtful.[1]

tennis elbow

People who are more prone towards this disease are painters, butchers, carpenters, and plumbers. Apart from all these things, the tennis elbow pain gradually starts from the tendons, which are attached to the forearm muscles and elbow. If you do not take proper care of the elbow, then the pain will slowly spread into the wrist and forearm.

Things will be more difficult to tolerate, and soon you will become weak and stressful. Often, well-wishers will advise you to take an ample amount of rest instead of using the elbow in the entire day. However, taking one day off from the boisterous lifestyle will not resolve this condition. What are you thinking now?

Do you think surgery is the last option? If you believe in the myths and console yourself that surgery is the last way to reduce the tennis elbow ache, then you are sadly mistaken. There are various other ways, which are mentioned below. Before delving deep into the other sections, have a look at what are the causes and symptoms of tennis elbow.

tennis elbow joint pain

Causes of the Tennis Elbow

It is of no surprise that tennis elbow is the result of excessive use and strain on the muscles. In addition to this, past injuries are also responsible for increasing the tennis elbow pain. Due to the repetitive motions of the wrists and hands, a series of tiny wears and tears arises in the tendons, which are attached to the forearm muscles and the outside part of the elbow. Apart from this, other arm motions are equally capable for imposing severe pain on the wrist and hands.[2]

  • Painting.
  • Driving screws.
  • Use of the plumbing tools.
  • Overuse of the computer-related tools like mouse.
  • Cutting of the cooking ingredients, especially meat.
  • Carpentry.
  • Age.
  • Occupation.
  • Certain sports.
  • Playing musical instruments.
  • Tree-cutting.
  • Knitting.
  • Raking.
  • Typing.
  • Weightlifting.
  • Fencing.
  • Squash.
  • Racquetball.

Symptoms of the Tennis Elbow

The pain, which is associated with the tennis elbow often gets radiate to the outside portion of your elbow, and will gradually move towards the wrist and forearm. Isn't it shocking? How to detect this dangerous ailment before it becomes severe?

  • Griping issues.
  • Shaking of hands.
  • Weakness.
  • Continuous pain in the body.
  • Difficulties while raising hands early in the morning.
  • Feeling of numbness while opening the door.

 Recovery Time from the Tennis Elbow

This question often appears quite tricky and tough to answer as nobody can analyze how much time is exactly needed to reduce the pain of the tennis elbow. Mostly, it takes six months to one year. But, always remember, tennis elbow is a self-limiting condition. You can eventually improve your pain without any treatment. But, make sure that things are within your control, and the stress on the hands and wrist is not giving you much agony.

If you ignore or overstate the condition initially, then things may not turn in your favour in the future. More pain will arise in the wrist and hands, and soon, you will not be able to alleviate the ache from the elbow. In most of the cases, this symptom can be decreased only by avoiding certain games or activities instead of taking painkillers.

No doubt, painkillers are considered as an immediate reliever, but, before taking any, you need to consult an expert. A layman cannot understand what types of medicine are effective for the tennis elbow. On the other side of the fence, there are various other ways for tennis elbow treatment such as home remedies, and much more. Have a glance at the treatment processes.[3]

Home remedies for Tennis Elbow

Ice Packs

For years, sufferers are observing the positive impacts of ice packs, and have understood how beneficial it is when the pain of tennis elbow increases. Moreover, the ice packs are best for reducing the swelling and soreness of the tendons in your elbow portion. While using the ice cubes, you need to maintain the temperature, and it would be better if you will use a towel. Sometimes, the ice cubes create a tingling sensation in the body.


For instant relief, elastic bandages are the best method, which you need to wrap on the elbow to give support to your joints. Elastic bandages will certainly reduce the swelling from the body and will give you some relaxation. All you need to take care of the process and wrapping style. However, don't wrap the band tightly. Otherwise, it may affect the blood circulation process.

tennis elbow treatment

Wear Some Supportive Straps

Do you have an achy elbow? If yes, then supportive elbow bands will help you in a great manner and will protect your elbows from constant pain and strain. The protective shield is beneficial for your elbow, which doesn't even cost much.

Start to Practice Exercises

Though, tennis elbow is one of the most pernicious diseases in the body,  it can be reduced with regular exercises and yoga. In reality, there are several yoga forms and exercises, which will help you in strengthening the muscles and tendons. Moreover, the elbow portion will become more active and flexible, if you will practice yoga every day.

The benefits of yoga are known to every individual, but, most of the people are not practicing it regularly due to the hectic schedules and lifestyle. If you are feeling more pain in the elbow, and want some permanent treatment for the ailment, then start performing exercises daily. Don't even try to miss a single day, and moreover, begin at a low pace, and gradually move ahead.[4]


Apart from the exercises and yoga, physiotherapy is also beneficial for tennis elbow. To eliminate the persistent pain from the elbow, physiotherapy is the best treatment today. A layman cannot perform such things accurately. Thus it is necessary to take the help of the therapists. Therapists are well trained and moreover, know the exact procedure of conducting the treatment. With the pace of time, they will reduce the pain from the body, and will work on the stiffness as well.

All these things will further lead to better blood circulation and will strengthen the forearm and muscles. For better support and care, you can use the splints and braces, which are recommended by the therapists. Most of the sufferers don't like to wear the braces and splints in the daytime. If this is the condition, then you can use the props during the night time.

Proper Sleep

Nothing can be managed or handled properly if you will not take an adequate amount of rest. Sleep is the most important thing in human life, which one shouldn't ignore any condition.


Massage therapies are also giving impressive results to the sufferers, which further strengthen the muscle tendon in your forearms.  Simple massage techniques can also give you positive results and will reduce the pain to a great extent.

Heat Therapy

For better blood circulation in the body, heat therapy is the best treatment today. There are no complications associated with this method. But, every time, you need to take care of the water temperature. If you increase the range unnecessarily in the water, then there are certain chances of skin irritation and damage. Read the safety measure before you increase the temperature, or else, ask an expert. For tennis elbow cure, heat therapy is one of the finest processes till date.

Alternative Tennis Elbow Treatment Methods

Shock-wave Therapy

In this method, highly energetic sound waves are used to reduce the pain of tennis elbow. Moreover, in this approach, shock waves are used through the skin, which is present around the elbow. This process is highly effective and works on the affected areas. Sometimes, the shock waves are quite painful, and this is the reason why local anaesthetics are given to the patients. But, don't get panic. Researchers have said that the shock-wave therapy is safe and secure for every individual.


The last stage for this ailment is surgery. If you are not getting positive results from the methods mentioned above, then you can opt for surgery. Tennis elbow symptom can be easily reduced or vanished with the help of the surgery.



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