How Long Does it Take to Recover From a Breast Implant Surgery?

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Breast Implant Surgery Recovery

Are you worried about the consequences of breast enlargement surgery? It is not wrong to wish for a better-looking body with appealing assets tailored appropriately to your body contour. But are you prepared for the surgery? Do you understand all commitments on your behalf that may be required in the course of the process? Will I have enlarged and good looking breasts immediately after the surgery?

If you do not have the answer to all these questions, then it would be advised to proceed ahead in the discussion to clarify many doubts that might be creeping in your mind right now! So, what will we be dealing with here? You need to know about breast augmentation surgery and the reasons for which people prefer to undergo the procedure. In addition to these, the discussion would present a brief outline of the process of breast implant surgery as well as general events following the surgery.

The primary highlight of the discussion would be the illustration of an ideal timeline for post-op recovery after a cosmetic breast enlargement procedure. Furthermore, an illustration of the various precautions and pointers about recovery process after a breast augmentation surgery can prove to be the right guidance to voluptuous and rightly positioned breasts that make your body appear nothing less than a fine sculpture! So, let us proceed with the discussion.

Why are Breast Implants Needed?

Do you need to boost your body image with breast implants that make them look bigger and in shape with the rest of the body? Then it might be advisable to know that breast augmentation is a process used for cosmetic purposes by placement of implants underneath the breasts. The implants are generally made of silicone or saline filled bags which provide the natural appearance and feeling of enlarged breasts. [1]

The surgeon would decide the choice of the material for your implants according to your body shape and other factors such as durability. Cosmetic breast enlargement procedures will be the primary basis for this discussion and reconstructive procedures such as breast augmentation surgery after a mastectomy for cancer treatment would not be included in the scope. Before elaborating on the length of time required for the recovery process, it would be reasonable to go through the basics related to before and during the surgery process.

How to prepare?

You have been thinking of getting a breast implant procedure lately, haven’t you? But there is a slight bit of hesitation considering the uncertainty of outcomes that may follow after the surgery. This calls for you to be careful at every stage of the surgery. Before the surgery, prepare adequately with the consultation of your surgeon about necessary medications and diet.

The cardinal rule to follow before the surgery as well as during recovery from breast implant illness is to refrain from consumption of alcohol and smoking. Make sure to get your mammogram (An x-ray of your breasts) checked by the surgeon for any abnormalities before the procedure.[2]

Breast Implants Surgery Process

There is nothing to worry about during the surgical procedure as the surgeon would be helping the reins once the anesthesia kicks in. You can lie down on the table calmly and let the surgeon do their job. The surgeon would make an incision or a cut in any three areas according to their preference.

The three common areas selected for placing breast implants include under the breasts, around the nipple, and the armpits. However, the majority of surgeons prefer the armpits or under the breast for incision due to the possibilities for reduction or even loss of sensation in the nipples if the procedure is carried out through the area around the nipple.

Once the surgery is completed, the next thing that must circle your mind is the breast implant recovery time. Can’t wait anymore for knowing the answer to that, can you? Here’s an impression of how recovery after the breast augmentation procedure would look like! Sincerely speaking, there would be alot of pain following the surgery.

Although there is no reason to worry as the pain would subside within few days, it is essential to note that the redness and swelling around the surgical incision would be your companions for more than a month. The pain sets in your body immediately after the anaesthesia wears off and may cause considerable levels of discomfort.

The only way to let your body endure this pain is to take sufficient rest without any sudden movements and taking the medications prescribed by the surgeon. You have to be extremely careful with the dressing around the incision area for a few weeks until the wound recovers completely. While you can remove the surgical bandages applied after the procedure around your breasts, it is recommended to keep the skin tapes attached and dry at all times.[3]

You are allowed to shower after 24 hours of the surgery, and the skin tapes would wash off eventually. Some of the other changes that you would notice in your body during the breast augmentation recovery stages include a sensation of tightness in the chest area, swelling of the breasts and nipples and possible loss of sensation in the breasts and nipples. These signs will gradually disappear at the end of the recovery process if all the guidelines of the surgeon are followed effectively on time.

Stages of Recovery

The clarification on possible expectations after a breast enlargement procedure might have given you a bit of hope for proceeding ahead with the surgery. But here’s the real picture. You need to have an awareness of the different milestones in your journey during the recovery process after a breast augmentation procedure.  There are different phases that you would have to go through in the recovery from a breast enlargement surgery. However, there is one fact that should not be kept in wraps- Every woman’s body is different, and so is the recovery time for different women.

The first stage you have to go through in the recovery process is dealing with the after-effects of anaesthesia. As the effect of anaesthesia slows down, you can feel nausea as well as sore. This is the time for the pain to start showing hints and it is advisable to have someone by your side to drive you back home after the procedure.

In the five to seven days following the surgery, the discomfort would find a good friend in you. Swelling and redness around the breasts, as well as unbearable instances of pain, can make the recovery process highly intensive. Surgeons are most likely to recommend wearing a breast support bandage as well as prescribe medications for relieving the pain.

After one week following the surgery, patients could be recommended to practice light exercises as well as breasts implant massages to ensure the best outcomes. However, this period could last for almost four to six weeks before complete recovery. Surgeons would recommend continuing with the use of breast implant stabilizer strap or bras during this stage to maintain the position of the implants during activities and exercise. On the other hand, heavy exercises are completely restricted during this period by the surgeon, and you should make every effort to abide by their directions.

The complete recovery of a patient after the breast augmentation surgery could be verified only by the surgeon. It is essential not to skip follow-up visits to the surgeon as these visits enable the surgeon to identify any potential setbacks in your recovery progress. On a general basis, many patients can resume their normal life fully after two months of breast enlargement surgery.

Some Pointers for Recovery

A closer look at the journey of recovery process shows how difficult it. So what can you do to ease and speed up the process? Is there any proven solution? Do not get baffled as there are some valuable pointers outlined below to help you proceed with the recovery process.

Fighting pain

Dealing with pain can be a tough task for patients after breast augmentation surgery. It is recommended to use breast implant stabilizer band or straps and bras for reducing the pain. Pain management exercises such as light stretching and exercises including corner chest stretches, arm circles and shoulder rolls can be helpful tools for reducing pain naturally.

Prepare well ahead of time

Another helpful tip for your recovery process is to prepare for it well before the surgery. Get all the grocery shopping, house cleaning and clothes shopping as well as meal planning before the surgery. Surgeons would also recommend patients to get their medications filled in before the surgery so that they can get them immediately after the procedure. Taking care of all these will let you take rest after the surgery rather than straining your body which is harmful to the recovery process.

Replenishing self

The final touch to your recovery process would be an assortment of healthy foods and drinks. It is essential to keep the body hydrated to recover from the after-effects of the anaesthesia as well as in the reduction of the pain. The preferences for food during the recovery process should be light and nutritious foods that can also improve appetite. Complement these with adequate rest, and you could notice promising results in your recovery.

The only rule to have a faster and efficient recovery process after a breast augmentation surgery is to follow the instructions of the surgeon at all costs.











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