How Does a Belly Belt Help With Weight Loss?

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Anyone struggling to improve the shape of belly knows how challenging it can be. In many cases, a person may lose enough of body weight, yet fat may remain on the tummy. The fat layer on the belly is exceptionally stubborn when compared to subcutaneous fat found in other parts of the body.

Belly Belts for Weight Loss

Belly fat is not only stubborn; it is structurally different. It means that it is to be blamed for many health hazards. So what to do with belly-fat that would not go away? One reply could be wearing a weight loss belt.[1]

There are many tummy trimmer belts available. Thus people often ask if they would help or not?

What is a Belly Belt for Weight Loss?

Most of us have seen them on television. They are belts made of elastic material to be wrapped around the tummy. All you do is cover the area that you want to look better. They have clips, hooks or Velcro to tighten them.

These belts are highly adjustable. Unlike traditional corsets, they are comfortable to wear. Though the basic working principle for weight loss is similar to corsets, but these belts differ a lot. They are comfortable to wear. They are not worn that tightly. It means that they are entirely safe for your health.

Purpose of these belts is to give you a better shape. As they are not very tight, they may be worn for months. Whether to wear them at night or not is a matter of personal choice.

Do Belly Belts Work and What are the Benefits?

Despite compression method being the oldest of all the slimming techniques, it is also one of the neglected ways. There are very few scientific studies regarding its use. Nonetheless, traditional experience shows that it works. Even though, it takes time the belt has to be worn for months to see the results.[2]

Some researchers say that since the belt does not result in an increased amount of  burned calories, it cannot work. However, the belt does many things that diet or exercise fail to do.

Firstly, belt mobilizes the stubborn fat, which helps to get rid of it faster. When belly fat is continuously under pressure, our body uses it more for energy needs.

Secondly, consistent pressure on tummy serves as a reminder. It helps to control your appetite. Most overweight individuals find it very difficult to resist eating.

Thirdly, even if it does not help lose extra fat, it can still give better looks when worn below the clothes. Such a method is still much safer than any surgical correction.

Another less known benefit of the belly belt is its supporting role. It may provide support to the belly and spine. Thus it may prevent an abdominal hernia, may even avoid pains of the lower spine. Overweight individuals are at higher risk of both the conditions.

Lastly, it is perhaps the most affordable method to slim. There is no need to confuse it with corsets. These belts are much milder, less tight, thus completely safe for your health.

In conclusion, one can say that abdominal binders/belts help look good instantly. They are historically proven to have a belly contouring effect. Additionally, they help support the abdominal wall and spine, thus helping you keep healthy.







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