How Do You Get a Hernia? Know the Types, Symptoms and Treatment Options

Abdominal Pain

The Process How a Hernia Forms

Are you going through sleepless nights because of irresistible hernia pain? Has a bad hernia taken over your peace? Hold your breath. You can get back your happy life with the right knowledge about hernia and the perfect treatment to get rid of it.  

A hernia basically forms when a fatty tissue or an organ breaks out via a weakened region in a muscle or tissue known as fascia.

A hernia can be painful and can lead to serious complications if it is not treated properly at the right time. In some cases a hernia gets corrected on its own, but in others medical intervention (probably a surgery) may be required. Hernia belts also help ease out pain and provide a relaxing effect. Try our world-class umbilical hernia belt for men and women along with relief pad and see the results today!!

Abdominal Hernia Support

Types of Hernia

Primarily there are four types hernia namely- inguinal hernia, umbilical hernia, hiatal hernia, femoral hernia, and incisional hernia.[1]

Causes of a Hernia

Anything or any activity that develops a pressure plus a region of weakened muscle causes a hernia. Muscle weakness can be by birth or can develop in the later phase of life. Some conditions that trigger hernia are-

  • Lifting of heavy objects in a wrong manner or body posture
  • Constipation or diarrhea
  • Persistent and heavy coughing/ sneezing
  • Obesity
  • Smoking tobacco (as it leads to heavy coughing)
  • Pregnancy

Who are at an Increased Risk of Hernia?

You have an increased chance of getting hernia if-

  • Hernia resides in your family history
  • You are obese or your weight is not compatible with your height
  • You are suffering from heavy and persistent cough
  • You are experiencing chronic constipation
  • You are indulging in smoking tobacco

Let’s Discuss Hernia…

We will discuss the four major types of hernias here to understand each of them more deeply.[2]

Inguinal Hernia

Being the most common form of hernia, inguinal hernias make 70% of all the hernias. This hernia develops when the large or small intestine breaks out via a weakened area in the wall of the lower abdomen which is usually referred to as our inguinal canal. In this case the bulge develops in the groin region.

Inguinal hernias are more commonly seen in men in comparison to women. Not to worry, this can be repaired. A good inguinal hernia belt i.e. umbilical hernia belt can help to eliminate the pain and provide support.

Umbilical Hernia

In this type of hernia, the bulge develops around the navel due to regions of weakened muscle layers around it. Umbilical hernias are generally seen in babies and they mostly disappear by themselves by the time the babies turn three or four years of age. In case of adults, Umbilical hernia is usually seen in ladies during or post pregnancy. It can also be witnessed in the people who have an excess body weight.

Incisional Hernia

In this type of hernia, the bulge develops close to an area having a scar of an old surgery. Incisional hernia develops if a previously done surgery leaves some muscle weaknesses in the wall of your abdomen.  This hernia can take place even after many years of the surgery.

Femoral Hernia

This type of hernia also takes place in the groin region, however a little bit lower. Femoral hernia develops when bowel or fatty tissues get pushed into your femoral canal. The female gender is more prone to femoral hernia in comparison to the male gender.

No matter how much difficult the experience of getting hernia may be, it can be repaired completely. Our Good belts for abdominal hernia support can act as real pain relievers and can correct the condition too. 

Symptoms of Hernia

The major symptoms of a hernia can be-

  • A bulging lump at the concerned region
  • Pain in the concerned region when coughing, lifting, or bending down
  • Pressure, weakness, or a heavy feeling in the abdominal region
  • A sensation of burning, aching, or gurgling in the region of the lump.
  • Unexplained and persistent pain in the chest
  • Difficulty in swallowing

However, in some of the cases a hernia shows no symptoms. You might not recognize that you have developed a hernia condition until and unless it gets diagnosed during physical medical check-ups.[3]

Hernia Treatment Options

Hernia treatment options may involve a change in lifestyle or a surgery. Some of the hernias can go away completely with a positive modification in the way of life. Other hernia cases may require the patient to undergo a surgery to prevent chances of serious complications in the future. Apart from this, hernia belt for women and men can also help eliminate hernia pain and provide support to the abdominal muscles.

Hernia Support Belt

Purpose of Hernia Support Belts

Before using hernia belts it is important to understand how they will heal you and how these would be a great option for you to prefer.

  • They ease out pain

With hernia belt for female and male you do not have to worry about the irresistible and disturbing hernia pain. Hernia belts will help you enjoy your day peacefully with maximum support to your abdominal muscles.

In some cases hernia belts are enough to correct the condition of hernia and they also facilitate a fast recovery of the patient.

  • They are super comfy belts with proven results

You can wear your hernia belt at anytime as they are very comfortable and easy to wear.

Developing a condition of hernia can never be really predicted. It can develop in any person, at any period of time. Though difficult to handle, hernia can be repaired and corrected with the best knowledge and treatment. Hernia belts can be a brilliant option for you to try. Inguinal hernia support belt is a proven solution for both men and women who are struggling to get rid of hernia. Make your best buy of hernia belt today!!








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