Heal Faster From Abdominal Area Surgeries With This!

Heal Faster From Abdominal Area Surgeries With This!

When you need post-op incision protection and you want to accelerate the healing process, after an abdominal-area surgery. The Everyday Medical® Post Surgery Abdominal Binder has got you covered!

This advanced compression brace is specifically designed to stabilize the area surrounding any post-op, abdominal incision sites. This guarantees your incision site will be safe from unwanted agitation, which ensures a speedy and healthy recovery.

Maintaining a stable abdominal area also means you won’t have to worry about post-op infections or wound seeping. This will accelerate your healing process.

The compression the Everyday Medical® Post Surgery Abdominal Binder provides, will increase the blood flow and oxygen to your incision site. This keeps inflammation and swelling to a minimum, which in turn also speeds up the healing process.

This abdominal binder is versatile and can help you recover from any of the following procedures; Laparotomy, Hysterectomy, C-Section, Bariatric Surgery, Gastric Bypass, Liposuction, Appendicitis, Abdominoplasty, Ovarian Cystectomy and other Abdominal-Area Surgeries.

The Everyday Medical® Abdominal Binder is unisex and built to snuggly and comfortably fit around, both a man and a woman’s abdominal area. This is possible because of the ultra-strong medical-grade velcro closure system. This specialized velcro system gives you full control, over how much compression you want or don’t want. The choice is yours!

 You can wear the Everyday Medical® Post Surgery Abdominal Binder all day long if you want too! This is because of the functional and stretchy, breathable spandex material this binder is made from.

Each fiber is designed to give you the compression you want, while also wicking-away any potential sweat or odors. Your skin will stay dry and clean, while you wear your Everyday Medical® Abdominal Binder.

This medical-grade abdominal binder is ergonomically designed to comfortably fit underneath any and all clothing. You can wear it to work, at home or out with friends. Nobody will ever know you’re wearing it!

It’s discreet and gives you all the compression you want. So you can feel better, heal faster and reduce any pain you might experience after surgery.

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