Flatten Your Belly With Some Easy Hacks

Flat Tummy

Tricks to Flatten Your Belly

Who doesn’t like to have a flat belly here?

But, for most of us, crunches, cardio, and dieting are boring. But, wait! There are some lazy ways to flatten your belly immediately.

Our stomach is one part that will react more rapidly to the dietary changes, both good and bad. So, if you want to have a flat belly, it’s mandatory that you avoid certain foods, especially those that cause water retention and bloating. If you have the habit of consuming three meals per day, we recommend you to cut those larger portions into half and start eating smaller meals every 2 or 3 hours.

Is that all you can do to get a flat belly? Read below to know other lazy ways to flatten your belly.

Healthy Eating for Flat Belly

Use a High-Quality Slimming Belt

Use a bariatric abdominal binder, which is otherwise called slimming belt, to help you lose those extra amounts of fat down your belly. These slimming belts that are primarily designed for plus size people and will help you deal with the discomfort that is linked to carrying excess weight. These belts would offer superior support when at the same time giving a slimming effect on your abdominal area.

How does it work? Well, the slimming belt will compress your mid-section thereby increasing your blood circulation and oxygen supply.

Is that all?

In addition, this compression will help distribute the weight evenly around your mid-section, which will prevent the stress of excess weight on other parts. Try to wear the slimming belt at least for 1 or 2 hours every day for better and quicker results.

Stand Upright

To get an instant slimmer look, just stand upright. Standing up tall will make you appear almost five pounds slimmer.

Do you want to make it a practice so that you can appear slimmer always? Well, according to medical experts, pilates can help you improve your posture while also being able to strengthen your abs and muscles at the back.

Are there any proven moves to try?

Yes, there are two moves that can be tried while still in bed that will actually set you straight for the whole day.[1]

Belly Ins

To do this, draw your belly to the spine and by slowly flattening your lower back to bed (using the core), press your belly down while exhaling and release while inhaling. Repeat this ten times.

Roll and Reach

To do this, sit straight up with your legs bent and joined together. In this position, your feet will lay flat on the bed. Now, move forward over your knees and palms down. Now, by slowly rolling halfway down, twist right. Move your right fingertips to the lower back diagonal while extending left fingertips forward. Now, twist back to the original position by bringing your right arm front and rolling up. Repeat it for the left side. For best results, do at least for eight reps.

Go to Sleep an Hour Earlier

What will make you consume fewer calories and get your exercises tomorrow?

Well, enough amount of sleep is what you need to concentrate today. Don’t believe us? Know that there is a definite link between lack of sleep, raised stress hormones, and excess weight. A research study found that adults who had 5 to 6 hours of sleep at night were at 35% high risk of gaining an additional ten pounds than who had 7 to 8 hours of sleep.[2]

Cutting down your sleep will cause the levels of your stress hormones to increase, along with the abdominal sleep. Now, you have a reason to go to sleep an hour earlier, right?

Better Sleep Time

Give Up Soda and Munch on More Proteins and Whole Grains

There are a couple of changes you need to make in your eating habits to cut down your belly fat.

A carbonated beverage is your favorite pick when you are thirsty? Well, you will have to skip these bubbles. Instead, go for water to keep yourself hydrated.

Drink More Water for Flat Tummy

Trade your refined carbohydrates for whole grains and proteins. Not only will this help you shed the belly fat but also it will make it easier to flatten your belly.

So, are you up for trying out these lazy ways to flatten your belly?












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