Causes of Lower Back Pain that Might Surprise You

Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain Causes

Back pain is certainly not a rare case for modern day human. People who are involved with desk jobs often have to deal with such issues. Though not in severe form, lower back pain is experienced by someone or the other, at some point of the time. With growing age, the symptoms of lower back pain are obvious to grow.

In most occasions, people have the perception that the factors like lifting heavy weight, longer hours of stress and strain at the back, etc., are said to be the reasons behind lower back issues. However, it is important to understand that the above reasons are not the only one; there are many strange factors those too cause lower back pain issues among humans.    

Lower Back Pain  

Given below are some of those strange reasons, which many people are not aware of, but are responsible for lower back pain issues. One must be aware of these issues, as unknowingly these have been the prominent causes behind many of us suffering from lower back pains.[1]

Unnoticed Strains

Ligament strain is touted to be associated with extensive pain. In general, it is considered that ligament pull occurs during extensive weightlifting and sports activities. However, it occurs due to repetitive posture or doing the same thing time and again. In general, these things don’t get noticed due to the mild level of pain.

Wrong postures of sitting can also cause these things. Incorrect position of the lower back, incorrect position of the waist while lifting weight, injuries occurring during sports events, etc., should not be taken lightly. These things though don’t get easily assumed, but certainly, carry threats of causing sudden lower back pain.


Many people don’t know, but spondylosis is one of the hidden reasons behind lower back pain issues. Spondylosis is pretty much a genuine issue that is commonly found among many. It can be touted as one of the joint issues witnessed among modern day people

Enduring spondylosis moves towards affected spinal discs. It affects the joints and lower back pain. Gradually, the issues like pain, inflammatory cases, incorrect bending of the spine, etc., are witnessed among people. Hence, it is advised to address the issues of spondylosis immediate as it is possible.

Spinal Stenosis

Spinal Stenosis

Stenosis is an irregular posture of the spinal position, mostly occurred due to narrowing of inters vertebral discs and its inner fluids getting nominal. Stenosis mostly leads towards muscular stiffness and also leads towards cause pain. The genuine states like standing for a prolonged hour or walking often lead towards such instances. In some occasions, the person may go through normal level trauma as well. Many people come across with sciatica pain, which is the damage of the nerves that is there between the feet and lower back.[2]

Ankylosing Spondylitis

Ankylosing Spondylitis

Ankylosing spondylitis is a kind of inflammatory arthritis that results into inflammation of joint areas within the spine. People suffering from these issues often have to deal with the extreme level of pain and stiffness which gets even worse early after getting. However, it can certainly improve through regulated and guided exercises. There are also stretch exercises one needs to take into account while dealing with these issues.


Spondylolisthesis is mostly found in those occasions when any bone within the spine slides away of its original state, leading towards the back pain issues with the person. It also causes stiffness of the muscles and various types of sensations. It can be a born issue as well, which may get worse with time.

Lumbar Herniated Discs

It is commonly known as the slipped disc. Slip disc is quite known for the extreme level of pain it is associated. The intervertebral disc present within the lumbar spine often leads towards the occasion when the fluid within the centre comes out through the external layer. It leads towards irritation of the nervous system.

Ignoring it for longer days can lead towards various issues like physical pain and muscle strain. Sciatica pain is also quite common on such occasions. Numbness of the back is not uncommon. In short, whenever the slip disc situations of such occurrences, one should not make any delay to consult the doctors. Moreover, the physiotherapists should be consulted immediately as possible.

Kidney Stones

A kidney stone is not an anonymous issue. However, many do not know that kidney stones may lead to lower back pain issues. Not necessarily the kidney stone, infections occurring within urinary tract can also lead towards lower back pain issues. To be specific, the issues like cystitis may also lead towards kidney stone issues. In many occasions, infections within the bladder often lead towards the lower back areas, ultimately causing extreme pain.

Pelvis Injury

Pelvis injury or hip injury can occur due to obvious reasons like while playing, mild accidents, etc. However, it may lead towards lasting lower back issues as well, in an unnoticed fashion. People don’t often realise about the same up to an equal extent. Sometimes people complain about lower back pain leftside or any specific side.  Such a situation can be due to pelvis injury at the specific side.

Due to Appendicitis or Digestive Issues

Unbelievable, but it’s true that appendicitis can lead towards lower back pain issues in most occasions. Not just appendicitis, the common digestive issues and gastric problems can also lead towards lower back pain issues. It is thus advised that people with lower back pain issues should try avoiding or be careful about the digestive issues.

Excessive Smoking

Smoking affects the blood supply rate in a great way to the spine, which eventually makes the intervertebral discs getting weaker at a faster rate. Naturally, the person becomes growingly susceptible towards the back injury and pain.

Improper Sitting

Sitting on the chair is one of the prominent reasons behind lower back pain issues. Many people don’t remain aware, but it puts the added pressure on the spine. It puts the additional pressure in comparison with walking or simply standing straight.

It is thus advised for the people who sit at a desk for the entire day to get up and relax by walking around. This should be done at least once an hour to avoid excessive stress. If possible, it is also recommended to change the postures while sitting.

Wrong Ways of Walking Due to Heels

It is here to note that getting the wrong gait one could lead towards damaging the feet sooner he/she starts thinking about sitting down. It is thus recommended about having their gait assessed by a physiotherapist. “Allowing the knees to get extended excessively is said to be one of the reasons that make the person arch their back in the forward direction, that ultimately leads towards compressed joints and a painful back. Moreover, people who wear heels, or carry weights at shoulders too hold greater possibilities of lower back pains.

Too much of air travel

Lower Back Pain in Travelling

Many people are not aware of, but it’s a truth. The cabin air remaining under pressure can give an annoying feeling to the spinal discs, which makes them growingly susceptible to swollen and herniation. Such people should avoid heavy lifting and muscular exercises specifically after coming out of the plane. At least, one should take a break of a day or two in between for more flexible scheduling.

Too Soft Mattress

People always emphasise on the cosiness. But, one must note that the softer mattress is associated with comparatively more uneven weight distribution, which is certainly more likely to create the issues of back pain in return. Hence, one should always prefer going with the mattresses of moderate softness.


It is well known that people with back pain issues are advised to wear a comparatively looser dress. Such dresses restrict the usual movement of the spine. Specifically, the tighter jeans should be avoided. It destabilised the muscle positioning and contraction. Naturally, the person becomes more susceptible to strain. It is thus advised to wear less tight wears.

The Conditions of Spinal Stenosis

It can be stated as the condition of narrowing of the spinal canal those results into extreme back pain. These issues are quite common among women over age 60. Such patients are highly recommended to undergo physical treatments. In case of serious issues of spinal stenosis, the person might have to go through surgery is suggested; though in most cases it doesn’t require.

Apart from the above-herniated disk can also be the reason behind lower back issues. It is is a disk within the spine that enters into nerves within the spinal canal leading towards pain and propagate into the legs. Such people are most recommended to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In rare occasions only a herniated disk requires surgery.

Useful Tips to Avoid Back Pain

  • While doing the heavy lifting, one should bend from the knees and must stress on core muscles.
  • Professional weightlifter should do it gradually.
  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a must, along with a nicely balanced diet enriched with low cholesterol level.
  • One must regularly exercise.








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