Broken Ribs Management: Heal the Pain With Rib Braces

Broken Ribs Pain

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Are your suffering from severe ribs pain  due to broken or injured ribs? Want to get relief from such dreadful pain as soon as possible?  Well, there are different treatments through which it is possible. But before moving into it, you should have a clear idea about the rib pains and its symptoms so that you can take the necessary steps.

Cracked Ribs Pain

Fractured ribs are one of the most painful injuries that you can face in your life. It is something that can lead to severe health consequences if not taken care properly on time. Here you will get to know valuable information on the causes of broken ribs, the dangers they can develop and how you can treat the injured ribs.

Are you feeling pain in your rib area while sleeping, twisting or coughing? This can be a sign of cracked ribs. You may sometimes feel severe pain during exhaling and inhaling.[1] So, what can you do to deal with all these situations? Read this article to know about these in detail.

Causes Behind the Ribs Pain

  • Joint inflammation
  • When the joints near the ribs become inflamed, it will create pain in your ribcage. The situation of joint inflammation is quite common and happens majorly in middle age.

  • Osteoarthritis
  • With age cartilage connecting the ribs to the breastbone and backbone wears out which cause pain.

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • In such a situation, the body’s immune system attacks itself. The immune system can attack the joints around your ribs. This will cause pain in ribs.

  • Pleurisy
  • Pleura is the area between the lungs and the ribcage. When it gets affected, the inflammation causes pain. In such a situation, you may feel uncomfortable while breathing in and out.

  • Pneumonia
  • Pneumonia can cause rib pain. Laughing, sneezing, breathing, and coughing can be very painful.

  • Cracked or damaged ribs
  • Damaged ribs can produce some of the worst pain. Events like vehicle accident and fall can lead to broken ribs. You will feel difficult to breath when you have a broken or injured rib.

  • Injury in cartilage
  • Cartilage is the soft tissue that connects the breastbone to the ribs. Damage to the cartilage will develop pain while breathing, laughing or coughing. Sometime intercostal strain can cause pain in ribs.

  • Intercostal muscle strain
  • These muscles play a great role in respiration and coughing. By coughing forcefully, you are putting heavy pressure on the muscles. This will cause pain along the ribs. Generally, muscle strains do not require any medical attention but can ruin your quality of life.

    While a rib pain can be unbearable, you can lower the pain and discomfort by using quality rib support brace for some time.

    Injured or broken ribs are not only painful, but they are also very dangerous

    Ribs which are fractured or broken can develop serious complications in several ways.[2]

    • When the rib is not cracked, and the fracture splits the bone apart, and the edges are separated, it is a very dangerous situation. The sharp and jagged edges of the bone can cause damage to nearby organs such as lungs, kidney, etc.
    • Rib pain can affect your respiration so badly that you can get pneumonia.

    Situations when you should consult a doctor

    Go to your doctor if your pain increases with time. The doctor will prescribe painkillers and will suggest your best medication to deal with pain. Here are some broken rib symptoms where you should seek immediate medical assistance:[3]

    • Increasing shortness of breathing interval.
    • Continuous chest pain.
    • Moderate to high pain in your tummy or shoulder are.
    • Coughing up blood.
    • Terrible pain while moving around or twisting the body.
    • Unable to drink liquid food.

    These are some signs which can be related to a chest infection, or dislocated ribs have damaged your lungs, liver, and spleen.

    Complications of Broken Ribs

    A completely broken rib may injure the blood vessels and the body’s internal organs. If there is a lot of broken ribs, then the risk is more. Complications may vary depending on the ribs that have been broken.

  • Can damage the aorta
  • The sharp edge of a broken rib at the top of the rib cage can tear the aorta or another blood vessel.

  • Can damage lungs
  • Broken rib’s jagged end can puncture the lung, causing it to collapse.

  • Can mangle spleen, kidneys or liver
  • The lower two ribs rarely fracture as they are quite flexible than the upper and middle ribs. But when they break, they can cause serious damage to the liver, kidney, and spleen.

    Treatments for Broken Ribs

  • Ice therapy
  • If the pain is due to some physical reasons, then by applying ice cubes on your ribs you can lower the pain and inflammation. Do ice therapy for around 10-15 minutes. Do 4 to 5 times per day to get a better result.

    Ribs Pain Ice Therapy

  • Surgical treatment
  • A rib surgery is considered as the best way to treat rib fractures or damages. The surgery is also known as surgical fixating. The process involves placing a metal or absorbable plate to stabilize and hold the ribs in their right position during their healing. This is also beneficial for the patients who have multiple displaced rib fractures. However, there is a great challenge with surgery, i.e., there is no option to immobilize the ribs.

  • Prognosis
  • Rib damages in younger patients have a good prospect for complete healing. Generally, broken ribs heal on there and the rib surgery recovery time can be around 1 to 2 months, based on the condition. Sufficient pain control is necessary to continue practice breathe deeply and avoid lung complications.

  • Medication
  • Take medicines regularly to keep down the level of pain while recovering. If you are coughing, caused by a bacterium, you should take antibiotics.

    Ribs Pain Medications

  • Rest as much as you can
  • You can prevent further injuries during healing time, by providing sufficient rest to your body. Don’t do any heavy lifting as it can lead to serious consequences. Without enough rest, you can re-strain your rib’s muscles.

  • Rib removal surgery
  • Rib surgery removal is surgery which is used to remove ribs. If there is a fractured rib, it can cause damage to your vital organs like lungs, kidney and more. In such a situation it will be good to remove the ribs. If there is a cancerous rib, you should remove it as soon as possible to prevent cancer from spreading.

    Don’t wrap a brace tightly around the chest, as it can affect the lungs by not letting them expand properly. Don’t lay down for a longer period.

    If you want to speed up your recovery process while enjoying a comfortable life use our high quality and best rib brace now.

    Broken Ribs Brace for Men and Women

    Rib Surgery Recovery Duration

    Generally, rib damage or broken ribs take around 5 to 6 weeks to heal. You can boost the process by avoiding heavy lifting, sports or avoid the activity that caused the fracture. With this, your body will get sufficient time to heal. If you feel the pain is decreasing, you can now start to increase your physical activity level. While doing physical activity wear a rib brace to prevent pain.

    Why should you use rib braces during healing?

    During the post rib surgery period, you need to be very careful in what you are doing. Along with surgery, you should follow some home treatment options to deal with broken ribs. One of the  treatments is ribs braces.

    • The braces give maximum support to the rib cage and restore rib alignment while preventing further injuries.
    • By wearing braces, you can make sure that there is optimal blood flow in the affected region. Further, this will reduce inflammation. All these make the healing process much faster.
    • Provide effective relief from dislocated ribs and intercostal strain.
    • This is also beneficial in treating costochondral separation.
    • Small fractures can be treated by using braces, which means you will save a huge amount of money. The cost of braces is quite lower than the rib surgery cost.

    Useful Tips for Broken Ribs

  • Be careful about athletic injuries
  • To prevent injuries, always wear protective equipment while playing games.

  • Take measures to lower the chances of household falls
  • For this clean the spills and clutters properly. Always use rubber mat while taking a bath and make your skidproof by installing carpets on the floor.

  • Fortify your bones
  • To make your bones stronger, increase the calcium intake capacity. 1,200 milligrams of calcium per day is enough to develop stronger bones.

    Use broken ribs braces to lower the rib pain caused by various reason. Such braces are available for women as well as men. No matter what your body shape is, you can find a perfect one for you starting from small to plus size braces. Moreover, the rib braces are quite easy to put on and put off. High-quality ribs braces developed using modern technology will help you to live a comfortable life by lowering the rib pain.








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