Broken Ribs Braces to Treat Injured or Broken Ribs

Broken Ribs

Can a Chiropractor Help Broken or Injured Ribs?

Suffering from bad,painful, broken, or injured ribs? It will be not wrong to say that broken ribs rank high on the list of most painful injury human suffer. Are you looking for perfect solutions to lower the pain caused by broken ribs in your back? If yes, you have arrived at the perfect place. Here you will find all the information on the causes of broken ribs, the dangers they pose, and on treating the rib pain effectively.

Injured Ribs

Generally, when other bones break, you can apply a cast on them. But this is not possible in the case of broken ribs. The reason behind this is, it can affect the breathing and lead to pneumonia. Sleeping, sitting down, twisting and standing up will become a real challenge for you. You also feel terrible pain while breathing. You will not want to face such a situation in your life. However, you can control it by taking proper measures on time. Go through the article to know about this in detail.

Different Injuries that can Cause Rib Pain

Fractured Ribs

  • Fractured or Cracked ribs
  • This is something quite easy to detect and as you will feel sharp and severe pain. When you have a fractured or broken rib, you generally know how you got it; it can happen due to a road accident or a fall. A typical symptom is pain during breathing. The injured area is likely to be extremely sensitive, you will feel that you are unable to move your arms and torso.

  • Cartilage injury
  • It is a soft material which connects the breastbone to the ribs. It makes your ribcage flexible and shock absorbent. Any damage to cartilage can lead to a serious rib injury. You will feel pain during coughing, laughing and breathing.

  • Damage of soft tissues
  • There are different soft tissues like tendons, ligaments, and tendons around your rib cage. A sharp blow, lifting pushing heavy objects can damage those soft tissues, causing injured ribs.

    The cause of ribs injury can further be divided into four types.

  • The musculoskeletal cause
  • These are conditions that are physical. It consists of injuries, arthritis, osteoporosis, strained muscles, muscle stiffness, multiple sclerosis, and infection. 

  • The respiratory cause
  • These conditions generally involve the lungs, such as pneumonia, pleurisy, asthma, tuberculosis and blood clot around the lung area.

  • The cardiovascular cause
  • This involves the heart and the cardiovascular system. The examples are coronary heart disease, heart failure, and heart attack. Such causes are very dangerous and should be treated immediately.  

  • The digestive cause
  • It includes condition like peptic ulcer, gastritis, and gallstones which can cause rib pain.

    Pain caused by injured ribs can be effective with rib braces. You will only get the desired result and comfort when you use the best quality broken rib brace.

    Symptoms of Ribs Injury or Broken Ribs

    Heavy chest pain generally arises with a ribs injury, but different from a heart attack. Other broken ribs in back symptoms are:

    • It will hurt when you touch the spot of broken ribs, sometimes it can be a terrible pain.
    • You will feel chest pain while taking a deep breath.
    • Pain while twisting your body.
    • Blood in coughs.
    • Dizziness.
    • Weakness.
    • Blood in the urine.

    One of the best ways to identify broken ribs is the mechanism of injury.

    Don’t let the pain affect your life. Use our broken ribs brace to ease pout ribs pain and get instant relief.

    How is a Rib Fracture or Broken Rib Diagnosed?

    The doctor will do some tests. He will ask about the event and will touch gently the area where you are feeling pain. The doctor will listen to your lungs and will watch your rib cage’s movement during deep breathing.[1]

    If the doctor suspects ribs fracture, he might advise you to do one or more of these tests:

  • X-ray:
  • The X-ray report can reveal large breaks. The image catches around 8 percent of damaged ribs. Moreover, an x-ray can also give a clear picture of other issues such as a collapsed lung.

  • CT scan:
  • A chest CT scan can even detect smaller fractures that an X-ray may miss. The CT scan can reveal the damage to soft tissue and organs such as your liver, kidneys, lungs, and spleen.

  • MRI scan:
  • This scan can reveal the images missed by the X-rays. This is useful to detect oft tissue and organs damages.

  • Scanning of bones:
  • The doctor will inject some radioactive dye into a vein. He will use a scanning equipment to detect the dye. The dye gathers in areas where there is a bone healing process. This type of scan is particularly helpful in detecting stress fractures which are developed by repetitive motion.

    It will be better for you to consult with professional doctors to treat the ribs fractures to get faster relief from unbearable pain.

    How Bad a Broken Rib can be?

    Most of the time it can be a small crack and the rib may not move out of place. But then if it includes more ribs and the injury is caused by serious events, well there can be more problems. It can even affect or harm different organs:  

    • Rib broke toward the top of the rib cage it will develop a sharp end. That sharp end of the bone can easily tear the blood vessels.
    • If the rib is broken in the middle of the rib cage, broken bone’s sharp end can damage your lungs.
      • Rib broke toward the bottom area of the rib cage, the sharp edge can damage your spleen, liver or kidney.

      Treatment for Broken or Injured Ribs

      What should you do to treat broken ribs? If you have broken ribs, here are some of the things that you should do for broken ribs treatment and to avoid further damages.[2]

    • Diagnose the problem immediately
    • You need to know the symptoms of the rib injury. It can be bruising, swelling and pain in the affected area. If you feel any of these symptoms, consult your doctor immediately.

    • Take medications
    • The medications should be first prescribed by your doctor. You may start with painkillers. For anesthesia and other injections, take your doctor's advice.

    • Take proper rest
    • Take as much rest as you can while suffering from rib injury or broken ribs. Avoid moving around and don’t do any physical activities. Small fractures may heal by themselves. In such a situation, you can use broken ribs support braces to get comfort from pain. Remember that, moving around may lead to more complicated situations.

    • Keep yourself away from pulmonary diseases
    • Broken ribs can affect your lungs. This can develop pulmonary complications like coughing and pneumonia. Do breathing exercise to avoid such a situation. Take deep breaths from time to time. Take advice from your doctor to get better sleep.

    • Use cold compress
    • Sometimes ice can be used to decrease the pain amount. Suppose you are atthe home and suddenly feel a terrible pain. You may not have time to visit your doctor. In such an event, you can use a cold compress for around 15 minutes. Do this several times to lower the rib pain.

    • Properly strap the area
    • You need to make sure that you are doing it correctly. By using braces, you can speed up the natural healing process of the bones. But don’t strap it very tight as it can affect the lungs.

      Broken Ribs in Back

      How Long does it Generally Take to Heal?

      Injured ribs healing time may take around six weeks. To maintain the recovery speed, you need to completely avoid activities which can injure your ribs such as sports, cycling, lifting heavy objects, etc. A cracked rib can sometimes take several months for the pain to go away completely. If the bones are completely separated from each other, it will take a longer time to heal.

      During recovering, take a small walk around regularly and move the shoulders occasionally to keep muscles flexible. Sometimes you can even cough slowly to keep the lungs clear. Don’t forget to wear ribs braces while walking around.

      Benefits That You Get by Using Braces for Broken Ribs

    • Braces speed up the injured ribs recovery time by providing the ribs with a support.
    • It reduces pain caused by broken, injured, or dislocated ribs.
    • Provides relief from intercostal strain and costochondral separation.
    • It increases the chances of safe recovery after a rib surgery.
    • Provides support and pain relief to the surrounding muscles.
    • Reduce inflammation and encourage blood flow to the damage site.
    • Want to live a comfortable life while recovering from rib injury? We have the best broken ribs brace for you available in dd size, small, medium, large, XL and size.

      However, if the pain persists for a period of time see a doctor immediately. Don’t get stressed as it can be cured.








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