Back Pain Support: Is Your Job Causing a Bad Posture?

Back Pain Support: Is Your Job Causing a Bad Posture?

Back Pain Problems and a Bad Posture

Work-related back pain is a major cause of daily stresses on the structural support of the body like the bones, muscles, discs and the ligaments in and around the spine. Human body succumbs to the effects of gravity over the years as a car gets rusty with age. Muscle pulls and strains, aches and sprains are part of life from middle age onward but if you are spending sustained hours on your desk with slumping shoulders, forward head leaned towards the system and tilted pelvis then this may lead to a distortion in your body posture making you look like a hunchback.

Back problems are one of the most prevalent problems of the current decade due to increased industrialization and hike in the corporate culture. The following discussion would delve into the details of back pain and its different causes and symptoms followed by a reflection on some of the benefits of posture corrector brace.

Lower Back Pain

How to Know Which Type of Back Pain is it?

Back pain is incredibly common but you have to discover your back pain causes in order to recover from it. The common causes of back pain include overexertion, sudden movements, heavy or improper lifting or falling. But only a few of us know that back pain can also be a consequence of subtle triggers like your sleeping position or sitting in the same place in the wrong posture for prolonged hours. The most common types of back pain are:

  1. Pinched nerve: This is a condition in which the nerve is pressed right up against the bone leading to an acute pain in the concerned place.
  2. Bulging or slipped disc: In this disorder, one of the soft discs between the vertebrae extends out over the edge causing extreme pain.
  3. Referred pain: This is the common symptom of kidney stone where an individual experiences intense pain in the back due to a chronic pain in another part of the body.
  4. Arthritis: This problem arises as the bones rub together and create bone spurs as the discs in the spine have lost their ability to absorb shock.
  5. Sciatica: In this condition, the sciatic nerve which starts in the lower back and runs down the back of each leg becomes pinched and creates lower back pain and a sharp pain in one or both of the legs while sitting. The lower back pain remedy is adopting a better sitting posture in your work environment.
  6. Osteoporosis: This is a disease which arises due to the decreased bone density where bones may become brittle and weak bones may break or collapse creating compression fractures.

Back Pain Causes

Though all back pain is not serious and the symptoms may go on their own over time but you should go and see a doctor if your back pain lasts longer than 72 hours as the symptoms may b a sign of a more serious problem leading to spine problems and a lot more. Better be safe than sorry. Therefore taking preventive measures is ultimately the best option for you if you have waited long enough for a back pain to get worse!

Tips for Improving General Posture

  • Bring the head back to align the spine and roll the shoulders back.
  • Brace through the core (engaging your obliques and transverse abdominals by pulling air in towards the trunk).
  • Keeping a neutral lower spine, squeeze the gluteus to create pelvic stability (staying within the natural curvature)

    To support these posture improvements certain workouts are highly recommended like squats, crunches or planks that reduce the body fat along with retaining the correct posture for you. But don’t work out really hard that you tear out the ligaments of your back as well as the leg. There are also specific back pain exercises that work mildly on your postures.

    If you don’t have time for all this then it is better recommended to use a posture corrector brace that will refrain your back pain from troubling you and help you with the best significant posture. The longer we have poor posture, the harder it is to correct. The brain gets used to a certain position and perceives it to be the ender upright position. So better correct your posture as soon as possible to avoid certain spine problems!

    Posture Corrector Support

    How is Your Working Environment Ruining Your Posture?

    Pain of the desk: There are many people from all over the world who work for hours sitting constantly at their desk. These people are more prone to having a poor posture and get into the risks involved in the back-related issue. Their ligaments get strained or the sustained stress on the bones leads to significant health issues. And more likely the old aged people are at a higher risk of back pain because of their decreased bone density is known as osteoporosis.

    The people working on a particular desk have to sit for long hours in front of the computer screens holding their neck and head forward while working or cradling a phone to the ear. This can lead to neck strain, sore shoulders and back pain along with strain in the cervical vertebrae. Sitting for long hours can also lead to herniated disks.

    Sedentary strain: The sedentary strain involves the effects of the posture on your physical looks. You spend most of the hours of your day in the office and if you are doing that with a bad posture then that may lead to disfiguring your posture for the rest f your lives.

    There can be several steps that can be taken by the corporate giants to minimize the ill effects of poor posture on their employees like designing comfortable chairs as well as desks or placing the computer at a place where the employee doesn’t need to bend his neck like a hunchback of the popular folklore.

    Posture Corrector Brace

    Things You Need to Know About Back Pain:

    Your spine is elementarily a column of bones that are held together by tendons, ligaments, and muscles. A problem in any part of the spine can cause backbone pain. Some back pain can cause excruciating pain while some can just be mild creating a subtle annoyance. It’s entirely on you that what measures you take for every kind of back pain.

    Bad posture wears down the posture faster than it should be causing numerous problems like pinched nerves, disk herniation, tingling, arthritic changes in the joints and tissue getting shorter and lighter. For example, many researchers say that if the head is leaned forward, the muscles at the back of the neck are lengthened while the muscles in the front are shortened which mean that none of the muscles like tendons are working proficiently and are incapable of performing to their fullest potential

    This is why a posture corrector brace is essential for providing unrivaled support for hunchback, misaligned spine slumped and rounded shoulders, clavicle injuries, uneven shoulders and plenty more.

    The utility of a posture corrector brace:

    • Imagine yourself in the working environment with a poor posture sitting dully among the other colleagues and at the same time imagine yourself sitting with a splendid posture. Amazing isn’t it? This is what a posture corrector brace does. It provides your spine a firm support and helps to correct your posture so that you don’t look like one of the 15th-century hunchbacks in your working environment.
    • Posture corrector brace aces at providing unmatched comfort and unparalleled support for your neck shoulders and the upper as well as lower back to the back as well as the neck pain that you always used to complain and yell about will be nothing more than a mere myth. The brace would gently pull your shoulder back correcting the posture making you feel relieved and look better.
    • You can now carry out your daily activities with reduced stress and pains keeping your posture upright and enjoying a better range of motion. This will in turn also facilitate movement and soothe neck pains.
    • A posture corrector brace also reduces a host of back pains and aches such as sciatic pain, spasms, and lower back pain. Buying a support brace is something like you are preventing the disease even when there is no sign of symptoms.

    There are a few things that you need to keep in mind before buying a posture corrector brace like the fabric should be strong and ultrathin or should be composed of breathable neoprene fabric for a comfortable experience. Keep in mind that the posture corrector brace should be customizable so that you don’t need to worry about the size with much functionality like being a lumbar brace and a posture corrector.








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