Abdominal Binders for Loose Belly Skin

Abdominal Binders for Loose Belly Skin

Abdominal Binders

Nowadays people are good at body sculpting. So many specialists can advise you on how to get your dream body in the shortest time possible. It is not rare to see people losing an enormous amount of belly fat within a few months.

Quick weight loss creates its own problems. One of the common issues is loose belly skin. Loose skin may not be visible when a person is dressed up, but it looks awful when in swimwear.

One of the practical options is a surgical correction. However, surgery always comes at certain health risks. No surprise that most people would like to overcome this problem with the help of the non-surgical method. Many would try creams, take medications, but none would help.

abdominal binders to lose weight

Why does a person get loose skin after weight loss?

Skin is a multilayer complex organ. The upper layer of skin keeps renewing, however, lower layers are more permanent. The lower layer of skin is made of connective tissues, blood vessels, and other cell types.

The skin has a capacity to stretch. So when we gain weight, it stretches a bit and then grows. When we lose body weight, it shrinks back. However, if you lose body weight too quickly, it just never gets time to shrink.

Losing body weight is just one reason for loose belly skin. Skin fails to shrink for other reasons like poor nutrition, age, smoking, disease, slow metabolism, and much more.

Top tips to tighten belly without a surgery

To tighten abdomen, better use multiple methods at the same time.

  • Stay hydrated- water is necessary to maintain elasticity of the skin. So keep drinking most of the time. Drink at least two liters of water a day.
  • Eat well- your skin is a massive organ, it needs a lot of nutrients. It is said that skin health is an indicator of general wellbeing. Poor skin elasticity says that not all is well. It means that internal organs are working sluggishly. Eat food rich in proteins like tofu, legumes, nuts, seeds, cheese, fish, poultry products.

Fish and nuts are exceptionally good for skin as they are also rich in omega acids.

  • Take care of your skin- keep it moisturized. Exfoliate regularly to remove dead skin and improve circulation. Creams containing aloe, vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, collagen, vitamins may also help.
  • Exercise regularly to boost metabolism and tighten the belly.
  • Use abdominal binders-  this is the most neglected way of controlling flabby tummy, though amazingly effective and safe. Abdominal binders, when used along with other methods, are quite useful. Continuous mild compression assists in tightening the belly.

Abdominal binders are useful tools for belly sculpting.

Age is one of the critical factors to consider. With aging, there is a sharp reduction in skin elasticity. However, proper nutrition, right regime, skincare, along with abdominal binders may help in most of the cases.







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