5 Benefits of Wearing a Hernia Belt

Hernia Belt

Effectiveness of Hernia belts

Have you faced enough troubles and pain due to the ungodly bulge in your abdomen? Well, Hernias are not so easy to deal with, but, here is the catch! With the right information you can deal with hernias before they make your life unbearable.

In the following discussion, let us find the answers to effectiveness of hernia belts in providing comfort for abdominal or umbilical hernia. However, prior to diving into the intricacies of getting a hernia belt, it is essential to reflect on the causes of hernia and basics of abdominal hernia. This is significant because knowing the enemy better plays a major role in defeating it!

What is a Hernia?                                                     

Hernia is a disorder which arises by the squeezing of an organ or fatty tissue through a vulnerable spot in the surrounding connective tissue or muscle. The spot is named as fascia. Some of the common types of hernia encountered commonly include incisional, inguinal, hiatal, femoral, and umbilical hernia. However, the focus of our discussion here would be on umbilical or abdominal hernia.[1]

How do I Know if I have an Abdominal Hernia?

The abdominal hernias are generally found in the middle of the navel with the inside of the navel sticking out. In some situations, the swelling could be slightly above the navel. Now you would be wondering about the exact appearance of the swelling in case of an abdominal or umbilical hernia.

The hernia appears as a lump or bulge below the skin which could differ in terms of size from that of a small grape to a large grapefruit. The lump is generally fat that lies beneath the muscle and is not anything we cannot deal with by our umbilical hernia belts. 

Causes of Hernia:

Imagine a situation in which you keep cleaning your home every day for keeping insects away but still they are found in your home again the next day! This is where you should have aimed at finding the cause for which pests keep coming inside your home. It could be a leaking toilet, an exposed window or some decaying matter within the premises of your home. The same goes for hernia also! It does not matter how long you should wear a hernia belt if you do not address the causes responsible for hernia.[2]

Beware of these!

Almost 20% of infants are born with umbilical hernias which subside by the time of four years from birth. On the other hand, abdominal or umbilical hernia is triggered in adults by different factors and the primary reason is excessive pressure on weaker sections of abdominal muscles.

The factors which lead to abdominal hernia in adults include frequent pregnancy, excessive fluids in abdominal cavity, obesity, persistent and heavy coughing, abdominal surgery, poor nutrition and smoking. The best part is that we can help you deal with the troubles and pain with umbilical hernia with our hernia belt for men and women.

Surgery is the preferred option:

Just like the cawing of a crow that might get on your nerves after a few minutes, umbilical hernias could turn into a despicable and excruciating experience if they are left untreated! So, while you have the option to wear hernia belt at night as well as during the day for its unique benefits, surgery is required in many cases where the hernia can cause unbearable pain and complicated circumstances such as strangulated hernia.

It is also evident to note that hernias do not get cured on their own and require surgery. This is crucial because hernias have the tendency to grow bigger over time with the gradual weakening of the muscle wall of the abdomen.

What are Hernia Belts?

Now we arrive at the most significant point of this whole discussion for describing the benefits of hernia belts. However, it would be reasonable to know a little bit about their applications. The hernia belt works by supporting the weak muscle in the abdomen thereby preventing the underlying tissue from sticking out. Majority of hernia belts are manufactured from elastic and some other variants also utilize plastic plates or metals and they are called trusses.[3]

The benefits of hernia belts could be outlined as follows to provide you with a clear idea of the preferred course of action in case you notice a bulge near your belly button!

abdominal hernia support belt

1. Relief from pain: What more could you need than a peaceful night’s sleep or an easygoing day without any pain from abdominal hernia? Hernia belts are designed to give promising relief from the discomfort caused due to bulging tissue in your abdomen. We make sure you get the best umbilical hernia belt and trusses for a life without having to worry about the hernia’s troubles

2. Unique design for comfort: The innovative and comfortable design of the belts with the option of a silicone cushion pad shows the requirement of expertise in how to make a hernia belt. You would obviously not want to exert that much efforts for doing so and with the limited expertise, your DIY efforts may go in vain! So, we cater to your needs of sophistication, comfort as well as functionality in the design of our hernia belts.

3. Speeding the recovery: The use of hernia belts is also recommended by doctors following hernia surgery in majority of cases. Apart from the use of hernia belts as preventative measures, they are also preferred alternatives for reducing the discomfort during the recovery process as well as speeding up the recovery.

4. Wear them anywhere: Another advantage of wearing hernia truss or belt is that you could wear them to work or the gym without any worries in your mind. The supports provided in these belts are responsible for providing you the necessary bit of comfort while on the go! We make sure that our hernia belts are up to the mark in dealing with your needs for moving around at work or at home without any hassles from the hernia.

5. Easy to wear and remove: The final yet most crucial benefit of hernia belts that we would like to present here is the provision of Velcro that makes it easier for removing and putting on the belt as per your needs.

Since a hernia can be quite a troublesome guest, having an abdominal/umbilical hernia belt would be more than just helpful in relieving you from the unbearable pain and losses due to inability for moving around!









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