Why does my coccyx hurt when I sit down?

Your coccyx, located at the bottom of the spine, is a bony structure that helps in supporting your pelvic floor. Coccyx and the surrounding tissues and muscles are susceptible to injury when put under excess pressure. There are several causes that result in tailbone pain, otherwise called Coccydynia. It can occur due to childbirth, sudden local trauma or fall, aging, obesity or even rarely because of an infection or cancer.

When you sit for a longer period of time on a hard surface or even on an ill-fitting or a jouncing seat, the pressure exerted on the coccyx will result in the injury causing the pain. The more the strain, the heavier will be the pressure on the coccyx and its surroundings. This will, in turn, trigger pain due to the inflammation on the muscles and tissue around the coccyx. This soreness or aching, when not taken care of on time, will get worse when you sit for a prolonged period of time. If your back is not well-supported while sitting, the complete weight puts the pressure on the coccyx, resulting in Coccydynia.