When to see a doctor for tailbone pain?

Tailbone pain or Coccydynia is an uncommon disease that usually goes away with time. Since it is caused by any minor injury to the bone or the tissues around it, adequate rest and proper diet management can help cure the pain. Anything that leads to giving the coccyx pressure can result in inflammation of the coccyx. A simple ice-pack or hot pad, few pelvic exercises or even anti-inflammatory medicines can provide great help in curing the pain. Few activity modifications like avoiding prolonged sitting, getting rid of non-cushioned seating, etc. can reduce the risks of injuring the coccyx.

In some cases, however, these primary treatments can fail, and the pain prevails. This may be due to any infection or even a tumor that has developed around the area. When the try-at-home treatments fail you, and the pain is no longer bearable, you should immediately seek medical assistance. The doctor will then inspect for any possible cyst or swelling near the area. He may then suggest an X-ray or an MRI. These tests can detect any possible unwanted cell growth or infection in the coccyx. Depending on the results, the doctor may advise taking an injection or undergoing surgical removal of the tailbone.