What is the difference between Sacrum and Coccyx?

The sacrum and coccyx are bones located at the base of your spine below the Lumbar Vertebrae L5. Both are formed by the fusion of smaller bones. While five fused vertebrae form the flat, triangular-shaped bone right below the L5 to make Sacrum, three to five smaller bones fuse together to form the Coccyx below it, commonly known as the tailbone. Sacrum and coccyx are both weight-bearing structures aiding in walking, standing, and sitting. The sacrum is located between the right and left hip bones and helps to support the upper body, maintaining balance and functional flexibility. On the other hand, the coccyx is located just below sacrum and helps support the weight when we sit. Both sacrum and coccyx play an important role in helping to support and stabilize the vertebral column.