What are the lifestyle changes to help ease tailbone pain?

Usually, a tailbone pain could heal with time and can heal quickly if some lifestyle modifications are made.

In most cases, a tailbone is injured due to the strain and pressure on the coccyx. This can be because of the way we sit and/or sleep. Other cases include any sudden trauma caused to the body like an accident or a fall. In women, it could also be because of childbirth. Being overweight or underweight can also pose risks of a tailbone injury. Since, in most cases, the injury can be extremely painful, the treatments aim to reduce the pain and any future cause.

The home remedies for self-care include avoiding sitting for a prolonged period of time and on hard surfaces. You can also try using specialized pillows while sitting and sleeping, to reduce the pressure of your weight on the tailbone. Constipation will make you apply more pressure on the pelvic area, resulting in possible tailbone injury. Including fiber-rich foods in your diet can help you soften your stools, thereby giving easier bowel movements. For injuries due to traumas, applying an ice pack will help reduce the inflammation. Ice will relax the muscle tension and can be a good aid to aid in pain relief. You could also try using heat pads, whichever gives you the most comfort.