Is tailbone pain permanent?

No, provided the pain is dealt with, and adequate treatment is undertaken on time. Tailbone pain or Coccydynia is mostly associated with direct hurt to the coccyx or sacrum. General movements like sitting, if done for a prolonged period, can put the coccyx under heavy pressure which results in damage to the surrounding tissue or muscles, causing pain. The common causes of Coccydynia include local trauma, repetitive stress, childbirth, obesity, etc., the pain from which can be treated and cured by proper exercises and giving the body adequate rest. If the pain is caused due to other reasons, such as tumor or infection, patients should get medical assistance and get the necessary treatment done, which include using painkillers, steroids, nerve blocks or even surgery if needed.

If the symptoms and inflammation are neglected and treatment is not given promptly, the pain can become chronic and result in having a negative effect on the mobility of the sacrococcygeal joint.