How long does tailbone pain last after delivery?

Vaginal childbirth, particularly when the delivery is not easy and forceps are used, is one of the causes of tailbone pain. The pain results due to the force applied to the top of the coccyx by the head of the baby. Most often, tailbone pain due to childbirth is caused mainly due to bone bruise or ligament strain, though there are some cases where the coccyx might be fractured.

In the tailbone injury due to childbirth, the ligaments restore to health very slowly that healing will take some time (vary from person to person).

Most of the women who suffer from tailbone pain would have had a vaginal delivery. It is very rare or unusual for those who had a C-section to have the pain. But some may have it. Time taken for the healing of the pain varies from person to person after pregnancy, and noticeably there is some relation with the way the baby is carried which might be the reason for the tailbone pain as it affects the joints. During the time of breastfeeding, your body still produces the hormone relaxin as it has been produced during pregnancy to allow the joints to relax and help the baby come down the birth canal. This hormone will be helpful in healing the tailbone joint pain as well.