How long does it take to heal a bruised tailbone?

An injury that happens to the coccyx gives pain and discomfort to the tailbone area. The injuries might have caused due to a bruise, dislocation or fracture in the coccyx region. It will take some time for the injuries to get healed. But we can manage the situation with some careful treatment. Tailbone injuries are mostly found in women, because the female pelvis is broader, and there is greater exposure to the coccyx.

We must contact the doctor immediately if there is some serious discomfort in the coccyx region. Doctors will decide after a few examinations whether the injury is traumatic or due to some other mild factors. Based on the intensity of the pain and the results of the examination, time to heal and treatment will be told. Coccyx injuries are mostly caused due to a fall on the hard surface, with the seating position, hit on the hard surface. A direct hit at coccyx and repeated friction against the coccyx can also cause injury. Pain caused due to tailbone injuries is very severe, and so, some home remedies should be taken to control the pain.

The reason and sternness of the tailbone pain will decide the time period for the tailbone bruises to get healed and make you feel better. Normally, recuperation time is approximately four weeks for a bruised tailbone and about eight to 12 weeks for a tailbone fracture. If the pain continues even after the stipulated time as mentioned by the doctor, or if you get some other complications, such as numbness in the back or legs, then it is necessary to inform the doctor immediately to test whether any nerves related to that area are injured. Based on the results of the various tests done, treatment method and time of healing will vary.