Can tailbone pain be prevented?

A coccyx injury, which causes tailbone pain, can be prevented by following certain home remedies. If not completely, at least to a certain extent, getting acute pain can be prevented. Many of the tailbone injuries causing pain are mainly due to the trauma that is caused to the coccyx area.

Some common precautions or steps that can be taken to prevent tailbone pain are:

  • Prolonged sitting down can be avoided. Avoid sitting on hard surfaces and while being seated, try to alternate the position of sitting on each side of the buttocks. Sitting, leaning forward, thereby preventing the weight of the body to land directly on the tailbone can help in preventing tailbone pain.
  • Applying ice for ten to 15 minutes four times a day can help avoid pain during traumatic coccyx injuries.
  • Use of "doughnut" cushion or pillow to sit can prevent the tailbone from direct contact with the flat and hard surface. Thus, it can prevent tailbone from experiencing pain.
  • Avoid constipation (which can also cause tailbone pain) by taking a good quantity of fiber-rich food.