Can coccyx pain be cured?

Coccyx, although considered an almost non-functional part of the body, has various attachments to some of the muscles, tendons, and ligaments. If coccyx is ever injured, it results in a painful condition, which is called Coccydynia, wherein any of the connected bones or muscles may be broken or fractured.

The pain can be treated in various ways which can take a few weeks or sometimes months to go away. There are also certain exercises and stretches suggested for relieving the pain. In most cases, the simple try-at-home methods help the patients ease the pain. The use of specialized cushions or pillows, keeping ice packs or heating pads near the area, making some changes in the day-to-day activities like reducing the time you spend sitting, etc. will help alleviate the pain. The patients can also try bringing a few changes in their diet to soften the stool if the hard bowel movements cause pain.

In all these methods, the main idea is to keep the pressure off the coccyx.

Rarely, in case of severe pain, doctors suggest medications or even surgical removal of the coccyx. The most convenient way in such cases is painkillers or anti-inflammatory drugs. If the pain is severe, the doctor may suggest injecting a steroid medicine or a nerve block into the area. If all these methods fail to cure the pain, the doctor might recommend surgery.