Can chiropractic help tailbone pain?

Chiropractic practice is a system of healing, which is based on the hypothesis that most of the diseases and/or disorders are due to the misalignment of the bones, especially in the spinal region, which can obstruct proper nerve functionality. It is often used as a pain relief treatment for muscles, joints bones, and connective tissues. It is also sometimes used in conjunction with conventional medical treatments.

In chiropractic treatment, spinal manipulations and other alternative treatments are used to bring a proper alignment of the body’s musculoskeletal structure. The theory states that this alignment will enable the body to heal itself without surgery or medications.

Chiropractic treatments have shown improvements in a patient’s conditions. A chiropractor checks the medical history and does the physical examination to check if the treatment plan is appropriate for the patient because this plan involves manual adjustments to manipulate the joints. This is done with a sudden force which helps in improving the quality of motion, as well as the range. The chiropractic care aims in the restoration of functions and prevention of injury, in addition to pain relief.

As Coccydynia is curable with adequate muscle relaxations exercises and few try-at-home treatments, chiropractic care is proved much efficient when it comes to treating tailbone pain. A chiropractor will make spinal adjustments and suggest massages and workouts to reduce the pain. Hot and cold compresses are also suggested.