What is CMC OA?

Thumb CMC OA is a commonly occurring disease. Between 11% and 33% of males and females during their 50s and 60s are affected by this. This causes pain, laxity, and weakness in the CMC joint.

The carpometacarpal (CMC) joint is found at the base of the thumb, the point where the thumb is attached to the hand. Like arthritis in other parts of the body, the pain starts with the wearing out  of the cartilage, and when the bones start colliding against each other.

CMC OA is more common in women than men just like the knee and hip OA. Up to 80 percent of women are affected by this condition by the time they are 80. This disrupts everyday chores in the kitchen , chores around the house, or people who work using computers, doing assembly work, or using power tools.