How long does it take to recover from thumb joint surgery?

There are different recovery approaches, and every surgeon follows their own method. In order to avoid excessive swelling, it is necessary to keep the hand elevated for at least two days. While walking, do not leave your hand dangling at the sides, and do not rest it on your lap while you are seated.

The time taken to recover can differ from person to person. Two to four weeks after the surgery, the dressing or the cast will be changed to a light plastic splint. Watch out for infections or red patches. This plastic splint can be removed so you can exercise easily. It is also washable, however, pay attention to the advice given for the specific therapy.

After around 5-10 days of the surgery, a “wound review appointment” will be given to you. You will also be given a splint made for your hand which can be removed during the day after four to six weeks of the operation. However, it must be used during the night for two more weeks.

At this moment, physiotherapy can begin. This will help restore your complete range of movement. Stop immediately if any exercise causes pain.