What causes poor posture?

There are many factors that can cause bad posture. Injury, some diseases, genetics or a combination of these can cause them.

As such, seven common causes for bad posture are:

  1. Muscles in spasm are likely to show a diminished functionality at least for sometime after an injury.
  2. Excessive tension and weakness in muscles may bring about various things like the way one performs their daily routine or workouts.
  3. Your body will most likely adopt the bad posture and leave out the proper posture and alignment to accommodate the issues like:
    1. Muscle spasms
    2. Weakness
    3. Tension
    4. Imbalance in muscle groups
  4. Your body loses its alignment due to the way you use technology, be it a computer, tablet, phones, or any other device.
  5. Internal causes of bad posture can be stress and mental attitude. They can cause changes in the breathing pattern and leads to an excessive contraction in the muscles, which in turn, can cause bad posture.
  6. The footwear you use can also affect the posture. In fact, it is one of the common causes.
  7. Sometimes it is just genetic.