What are tips to maintain a good posture?

Use a good comfortable bed. Do not go for a bed that is too soft it will not be good for you back. You would need one that can support your spine while sleeping.

If you weigh more especially in the abdomen region, it can lead to bad posture because your body will have to work harder than normal to keep a good posture.. With a big belly, your muscles have to work harder to keep your body straight. If ignored, this can be too painful. It can even lead to agonizing spasms. Do leg lifts by lying on your back to help strengthen the abdominal muscles and give relief to your back.

Exercise regularly. This will help you shed that fat, tone down the muscles, and keep you flexible. Thus, maintaining your posture can become easier.

Maintain a healthy spine. Consult the chiropractor frequently to get your misalignments addressed and to enhance your muscle tone. Muscle tone and back pain are the common causes of bad posture.

Get your eyesight checked. Eyesight problems will make you hunch more often to see clearly, which will affect your posture. Get your eyes checked regularly.

Certain other basic things like a properly fitting dress, a proper chair at work, and not letting your feet dangle are to be taken care of.