What are signs of bad posture?

Watch out for these 7 signs of bad posture that are very common:

  1. A very common sign of bad posture is a forward head carriage. A proper posture is where the ear hole sits over the middle of the shoulder.
  2. Slumped shoulders, also known as rolled shoulders, are yet another sign of bad posture. This is mainly due to long hours of sitting in a position where you lean forward and stare at the PC.
  3. Increased Kyphosis is an increase in the curve between the shoulder blades through the mid-back. The extreme form of this could be termed as Hunchback.
  4. Sometimes bad postures lead to a forward tilt in the pelvis. This is known as anterior pelvic tilt.
  5. If the posture leads to a backward tilt in the pelvis, it is termed as posterior pelvic tilt. The occurrence is more frequent in men.
  6. One of your shoulders appearing to be higher than the other is another sign of bad posture.
  7. Flat feet, which refer to the disappearance of the arches in the feet, are also a sign of bad posture. This can alter the biomechanics of the whole body.