How will flexibility exercises help with posture correction?

Flexibility exercises and resistance exercises will help in getting that spine back to form, thus leading to better breathing function. Stretching will also focus on deep breathing, which will help retrain your body and body to breathe properly. Normally, stretches are to be done after completing your regular workout sessions. Ideally, stretches that are done for at least 20-30 seconds on each side are very effective.

  • What are the best posture correction exercises?
  • The Recommended Exercises for correcting a Forward Head

    • Posterior neck stretches
    • Chin tucks
    • Trap smash

    The Recommended Exercises for correcting Kyphosis

    • Thoracic extensions
    • Band pull aparts
    • Double overhand stretches

    The Recommended Exercises for correcting Rounded Shoulders

    • Doorway stretches (with external rotation)
    • Rear delt flys
    • Any horizontal pulling exercise

    The Best Posture Correction Exercises for Anterior Pelvic Tilt

    • Hip stretches
    • Glute bridge
    • Plank
    • Hip extensions