How can I correct my posture?

Correcting your standing and walking posture:

  • Stand up straight and tall to find your mid-point
  • Correct your position with the help of the wall
  • Place the body weight on the balls of your feet
  • Always walk as if there is a book on your head
  • Choose comfortable footwear for walking and standing

Correcting your sitting posture:

  • Your back must be at 90° to your thighs
  • You can verify your posture by sitting on your hands
  • Keep your legs convenient and keep the feet flat on the floor
  • Choose a chair that helps for a good posture
  • When you work on a computer, make sure to adjust it to improve your posture
  • Even while driving, try to maintain a good posture by adjusting the seat
  • Take standing breaks in between if you have been seated for a long time

Correcting your sleeping posture:

  • Support your back with pillows while sleeping
  • Turn your body as a single entity while turning around
  • Always choose a comfortable mattress