Extra Strength Pain Relief Cream

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Why do you need the Extra Strength Pain Relief Cream?

The Everyday Medical  Extra Strength Pain Relief Cream provides temporary relief for pain and aches associated with backaches, foot pain, arthritis, bruises, strains, and sprains.
Our Extra Strength Pain Relief Cream is made with all natural ingredients that work together to help relieve pain. Our formula contains the perfect blend of Capsaicin, Methyl Salicylate, Menthol, Camphor, Comfrey, Arnica Montana, Boswellia Serrata Extract, Emu oil, Linseed oil, Vitamin E  Oil & Curcumin these ingredients work together for fast and effective pain management.

For best results apply the cream to the affected area 3 to 4 times a day. Do not apply more than 4 times a day,

  • Provides Muscle and Joint Pain Relief
  • Great for foot pains such as  plantar fasciitis pain, Achilles tendonitis, heel spurs and more
  • Soothes sore muscles such as lower back pain
  • Relieves arthritis pain
  • Great for overall skin health
STOP Use and Ask the doctor if the following occur:
  • If conditions worsen or if symptoms persist for more than 7 days
  • Excessive skin irritation occurs
  • If redness occurs
Product Features and Ingredients
Made with the best ingredients to help reduce inflammation and pain in the affected area:
  • Made with Comfrey which helps treat muscle sprains, bruises, burns, and joint inflammation
  • Made with Indian frankincense Boswellia Serrata which helps treat chronic inflammatory illnesses and health conditions
  • Made with Arnica Montana which helps relieve muscle pain and reduce swelling
  • Made with Menthol which helps reduce pain and inflammation
  • Made with Capsaicin extract, a neuropeptide releasing agent shown in studies to significantly decrease peripheral nerve pain, reducing pain and inflammation immediately.
  • Made with Vitamin E which prevents inflammation, moisturizes skin heals wounds and relieves itchiness. Vitamin E also helps alleviate symptoms from eczema and psoriasis
  • Made with Linseed (flaxseed) which has high anti inflammatory levels, minimizing skin irritation, rashes, inflammation, and redness
  • Made with Emu Oil which helps reduce inflammation, ease muscular and arthritis joint pain
  • Made with curcumin which has anti-inflammatory compounds proven to support skin, joint & muscle health.