Postpartum Abdominal Binder

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Why you need our Postpartum Abdominal Binder?

This postpartum recovery belly band from Everyday Medical is the ideal choice for women who are looking for something that will assist with postpartum recovery whether they have gone through a vaginal delivery or a surgical one. This belly band provides additional and well-needed support to the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles after childbirth. The belly band provides additional support to C-section incisions and is designed to reduce swelling and assist with speeding up the recovery process.

Made with bamboo fiber technology this postpartum recovery belly band provides a number of advantages to its wearers. The bamboo fabric is premium quality so that it is soft and comfortable to wear as well as easy to put on. The bamboo fiber used to manufacture this belly band helps to improve blood circulation which in turn speeds up C-section incision recovery times. The bamboo fibers also allow the belly band to highly sweat absorbent as well as give its odor free properties. The bamboo helps the product to provide moisture wicking and antibacterial properties as well, which are all important when it comes to the healing of C-section incisions.  

  • The Bamboo Charcoal technology  as many benefits such as being anti-odor, anti-bacterial and being highly sweat absorbent. Most importantly, it increases blood circulation, leading to a faster recovery time around the affected area. Heel faster and lose the extra tummy weight.
  • The Postpartum binder offers compression around the belly area, back, and lower abdomen. This postpartum abdominal binder helps the pelvic floor muscles and the abdomen regain their strength, return to their normal size, and resume their normal position. It also reduces swelling and bloating and makes your waist look slimmer.
  • This belt is great to wear after C- Sections and natural birth, as well as other abdominal surgeries.
  • Soft and Comfortable fabrics that make it easy to wear throughout the day over your bare skin. 
  • Breathable and Discreet, it is easy to wear this belt throughout the day without you or anyone else noticing you are wearing it due to the discreet fit. It is also breathable allowing you to not get too hot from wearing it all day.


  • Helps speed up recovery time
  • Promotes healing
  • Supports lower back and ab muscles
  • Slims your post baby belly
  • Bamboo technology increases circulation
  • Reduces inflammation and swelling around your midsection

Product Features

  • High quality bamboo fiber and spandex combination fabric
    • Safe to use on bare skin
    • Comfortable to wear on bare skin
    • Can be worn underneath or on top of clothing
    • Wicks moisture away from the body
    • Extra-long Velcro strap offers more adjustability and more customization